Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Four Strand Braid Tutorial

Sometimes, I braid the ends of my veils in this awesome 4-strand thing and a lot of my veiling friends ask me how I do the braid. Here's a crazy little video of how!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Busy Not Boring

It's been almost three months since we bought our home. We bought some furniture and lawn and garden stuffs and a basketball so the hoop in the front might get some use. Things are coming together, but it feels like there are still boxes everywhere. The craft room is my project for the week, as well as preparing for our house party on Saturday.

We're also in the midst of wedding planning. We'll have a venue soon, and then we can actually get some invitations out and get to work on centerpieces and favors and things.

In truth, the last three months seem kind of blurry. After moving and getting started in the herculean task of unpacking, we went to a wedding in beautiful Dominican Republic and I worked a record-breaking season at the Virginia Renaissance Faire. It feels like something was happening every weekend, which is the literal truth. I don't think we'll have a quite Saturday at home until the end of July.

But it's all good. A busy life is better than a boring life. We love our home. Everything is, however slowly, coming together.