Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm so frustrated with the coughing. My soon-to-be-nurse roommate recommended some cough medicine. Now, I feel like I'm barely here.

I think that means it's time for bed.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I didn't have a fever today, but I'm coughing a lot. A lot. I'm really tired of it.

That is all.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Tried

I fully intended to go to work today, excepting a fever. I needed to do some training today, and I was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the month (perfect attendance equals a free hour of PTO, so it's a nice goal to shoot for, and you get it by not coming in late and not calling out). Alas, the thermometer read 100.7 this morning. That's a fever to my normally 97-ish self.

Adolf understood and said that we all seem to be passing something around. It's nice to have a supervisor who doesn't have a few cows when you call out (unlike the super who earned the nickname I've been using).

Right now, I'm either way too hot or shivering with cold. It's very annoying. I can only sleep so much though. Now might be a good time for more sleep....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shield Failure

Everyone around me at the office is or has been sick. I saw Fae this weekend. She was sick. I saw my mom this weekend. She was sick. Add that I haven't been getting much sleep since Friday night. You guessed it, now it's my turn.

I've been fending off germs to the best of my ability for weeks. I think they finally overpowered me. In fact, one of my coworkers just now asked if I was sick. I replied that I'm miserable. He said, "Finally!" I know he was joking, but still. I wanted to not be sick!

Yay. Time to go home.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You Have to Think About That

Yesterday, I learned the power of a close community to spread important news. It's more than a community, it's a family. In a matter of hours, we all knew what had happened.

I use "knew" very loosely. We really don't know anything. It was sudden and unexpected, even though we knew he had been struggling for a while. This was never in the framework of possible outcomes.

First, we thought of his struggle. Then of his wife and children. Then of the event he was helping us plan. My friend said she felt bad for thinking about it at all.

But, we have to. He was coordinating much and, though we must go on without him, we must go on. It doesn't feel right and it doesn't feel fair, but we have to.

I knew him for a short amount of time compared with others of my chosen family, but I have yet to meet a kinder gentleman.

Dear friend, I know your pain has ended. I find comfort there, and I hope your friends and family do too.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I want to tell you a story. It involves six friends and an adventure of discovery.

For these six friends, their playground was the entire neighborhood, and they all lived on the same street. To children, the neighborhood was a large place of endless adventure.

There was a small creek that separated their neighborhood from the next one over. They would often follow the creek east, where it became rather brook-like in many places, and some parts were very deep. In the summer, they would swing from vines that hung from the trees. In the winter, they would pretend they had ice skates and slide along the frozen surface. Usually. Someone would always find the thin ice over a deep part. Always.

The creek flowed west. That's why they would travel east, to someday find where it began. One day, they found a nice little pond. There were huge rocks all around, and water poured from a great metal tunnel in the concrete wall. That tunnel led under the highway. Many spiders and other critters lived there, but it was a mark of bravery to walk through the tunnel, straddling the trickle of water, to the other side.

Not much of this side was ever explored. The shores of the little creek were soft and lined with moss here. Not rocks and sand and the great roots of great trees like the side they knew. They were afraid to go much further, in the unknown world on the other side of the highway.

So, one autumn, when they had broken all the vines from swinging, they decided to explore the creek West, were it flowed. It carved a long and twisted path through the trees. They never went very far in this direction. Mostly because they knew there was no highway to tell them how far from home they had gone.

This day, they kept going, picking their way through the trees and laughing as they went. They started to see things they had never seen along their little creek before: deeper waters and the unmistakable beaver-chewed stumps of trees. They turned a bend in the creek and found something amazing. It was a grand lake, blocked at one end by an impressive dam, with lodges interrupting the still surface. A Great Blue Heron waded in the shallows, and a tall hill, which later became perfect for sledding, created the southern border.

This place was a wonder. It was not far from their homes, but they had lived and explored for years without ever knowing its existence. They dubbed the lake Jabsse, using their initials. They brought their parents to share in their discovery, to stare at the wondrous beauty of a heron taking flight. To be sad at the break in the dam, and rejoice when the beavers started building a new one.

Jabsse Lake was the best of playgrounds. Nature happened around them, and they lived and played among it, never tiring of the ever-changing lake, and the calming presence of the creatures that lived there.

Perhaps it began then.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Call it Done

The weekend, that is.

The party was fun. Civilization kicked my bum, but we're not a play to win kind of crowd.

I did not successfully get to bed early like I wanted to (because I went to bed the past two nights very very late). This is all I have for today. Good night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mini Trip

Fox is having his annual epic board game party today. I'm heading out in a minute. See you tomorrow!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I read "Dear Prudence" on Slate Magazine. I must admit that I have more respect for Margo Howard's advice (and still read her column on than for Emily Yoffe's, but she makes 'prudent' points on occasion.

There was a letter in today's column from a female polyamorous individual in a relationship with a married couple who is facing judgments and intolerance from their teenage children. Prudie filled her reply with judgments, stereotypes, and all-around not helpful advice with which I cannot even remotely agree. I have to write something somewhere about it.

I will first start by saying that I am a completely heterosexual, monogamous female. This does not mean that I cannot love other females; I have, I do, and I will again, but they don't do anything for me on a sexual level. I will say again: this does not mean I cannot love them. I will also admit that I don't know how many other details may have been edited out of the original letter.

Prudie's first assumption, based on the text that was presented, is that polyamorous connotes homosexuality. That may not be the case. It is very possible that there are two women sharing one man in this case. People can do that and still be polyamorous. We don't know in this case.

Prudie also assumed that polyamorous people have frequent, eccentric sexual encounters and orgies. This is a stereotype, and certainly not the case if everyone in this triple relationship is heterosexual.

Merriam-Webster defines polyamorous as "the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time." Take it for what it is, Prudie, and not for what you think it is, or what your personal prejudices make it out to be. You gave some very bad advice that was very likely not based on the truth of the matter.

Carry On

This has been an exceptionally slow week. It feels like it took forever to get to Thursday. It should have been Thursday two days ago. It doesn't help that Phoenix has been nursing a cold and I woke up yesterday feeling exceptionally yucky. And maybe part of it is that I really need this week's paycheck.

My personal Gnome, who hasn't told me his name yet, and yes, I know I owe you pictures, is sitting on my desk right now, watching me with his happy green eyes. I don't think I'll leave him here, but I don't know. He has to come home for pictures anyway.

I realized something last night while working on my apron. It's that I'm really getting better with patterns. I had to make an adjustment on something that I didn't much like about the pattern and, while it wasn't complex, I feel proud of myself for having the confidence to make the alteration.

It's a lot like cooking. I've made several things where I had to stray from the recipe, and even some things that didn't involve a recipe at all. That kind of creating really feels me with a sense of accomplishment, just as being able to get an idea in my head and producing it in yarn does. I like being a maker.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still Making

My personal Gnome is all done, and he's cute! I'll get you some pictures.

I didn't finish the apron tonight, but I am pretty sure I will tomorrow. It just needs binding and a tie. It's almost done.

Next, I need to make more malas, and I've gotten a few ideas for more Spirit Dolls. I need some malas, though. I'm getting closer and closer to opening the shop.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finish First

Before I started on my personal Gnome, which will be made with one of my favorite variegated yarns and a new color hat, I made a crochet hook holder. I don't have any pictures yet, but it was very simple and a lot of fun.
I feel like I'm getting better at machine sewing. I'm traditionally an all-by-hand kind of gal, and I still am for many projects. But gowns, and some other things just need a machine. Normally, I would have done a project like this by hand, but I also have a pattern for an apron that will be my craft fair apron (for the days when I will take my Gnomes to craft fairs). The pattern seems simple enough and I've got this awesome fabric printed with pigs for the pockets. I'll start on that tonight.
And, maybe soon I'll finish a gown I started working on more than a year ago.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Realized Something

I've made Gnomes as gifts for people. I've made other creatures in challenges or commissions. I have plenty of things that I've made from patterns in books, and even a few random inspirations. Still, I don't have a Garden Gnome of my very own.

I've made Gnomes and Piggies ready to sell when the shop is open. Sure, I have the first Undine and the first Slyph, and I have my set of Wizard of Oz Gnomes, but I don't have a regular old Garden Gnome, which will be the main attraction of the shop.

I think it's time I make one for me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fluffy Clouds

I hung out with Monty today. He said he had an anti-Valentine's Day gift for me (we both hate that day) that we have been talking about for half a decade or more. I could not guess as to what it was.

It was a CD of Valentine music. Really! We used to joke that, if we had a radio show, we would pick a really mean-angry-sounding song and precede it with this announcement, (insert deep calm slow voice) "and now, a fluffy song about clouds." It became our anti-Valentine's Day dream. That dream was made a reality.

The disc opens with that intro, and includes songs from "The Beautiful People" to "Head Like a Hole," artists from Linkin Park to Godsmack. It's the greatest Valentine music ever! Thanks, Monty!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Work

Head on over to my other blog, Fyrecreek's Bazaar, and have a look at a newly completed round of commissions!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Forgetful in My Old Age

I was going to write about something today. Then, I decided to write about something else. Now, I can't remember either. How's that for brain power?

Oh! Today is Friday, the 13th. I like this day. I'm not afraid of it, or what bad luck may happen during it. The most Friday the 13ths there can be in one calendar year is three. 2009 is one of those years. Go, 2009! If I were to get married, it would be on a Friday the 13th on a cold day in Hell. This would be a good year to get married, as the third Friday the 13th will occur in November, when it's likely to be cold in Hell (that's in Michigan). Alas. Not this time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Blogger seems to be having an issue with uploading pictures tonight. It's bugging me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Better and Not

I don't seem to actually have the flu that the office is passing around, but I've been beyond exhausted the past three afternoons. This could be the beginning of getting that flu. So, I'm just going to stay in when I can, and drink lots of water and green tea, and hope it passes without actually catching.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Feel yucky. Going to bed.

Dedication Moon

This full moon is so named because the energy is right for dedication. It was particularly appropriate for me and the purpose of my Esbat.

I will be starting a business venture in a month or so. In fact, it has already well begun. For years, I have been a crafter. I make everything from trinkets to toys, sculptures to spiritual tools, ornaments to jewelry. For years, many of my friends, family, and acquaintances have asked when/where/if I will sell the things I make. The time has come for me to heed their advice and open a shop. This is just a hobby, and I do not believe it would ever support me enough to quit my day-job. Even so, I still want to see it succeed in this economy and beyond.

I gathered some supplies, cast my circle, and lit a green candle for success. I burned a special, sweet-smelling success blend of incense. Within my circle, I made a necklace. It is beads of different sizes of unakite, strung and knotted on a cotton with a pewter clasp. Unakite is a very pretty stone with shades of green and coral. It is good for clearing the solar plexus chakra and balancing emotions as well as diffusing electromagnetic energy. It is very good at removing emotional blockages that may be holding you back. In all honesty, I chose to use this stone because I think it's pretty. This necklace will symbolize my undertaking, and my dedication to it.

The necklace remained on my altar through the night while the candle and incense burned out. I'm rather proud of the simple design, having incorporated the knotting techniques I use when making japa malas. In a month or two, I'll be ready to open my shop. It's exciting. I'm already working on several commissioned pieces. This feels like a great way to put my leisure hobby to good use.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Making the Rounds

Keep it away, keep it away! Whatever is going around the office, I don't want it. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sun and Shine

If yesterday was lovely, today was gorgeous. Phoenix, her beau, and I took a nice long walk to the quartz vein and back.

I am going to expand my herb cabinet. Some friends of mine own an online shop and are certain they have the best prices. There isn't really a local store to get anything anyway. This is going to be fun, I've needed a good herb supplier for a while.

I hope this weather keeps up, I'm ready for spring!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Out About

The weather is so lovely today! I just can't stay inside. Bye!

Friday, February 06, 2009


Work this week has been troublesome. I'm glad it's Friday and I can think of other things for a while.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Run For Your Lives

Look out, The Maw is coming! I think that Mini Cooper is done for!

At least four people asked me on Sunday if I could make one of these purple blobby aliens. I did have to restart it when I acquired a better shade of purple. Total construction took about four hours. (I admit this is not the best picture of the thing, it was taken with my cell phone camera because that's all I have with me at the moment.)

The Maw is made from acrylic yarn and craft felt. It is stuffed with polyester fiberfill with poly beads in the base for weight and support.

This was an incredibly fun pattern to design! I know nothing about the game and I want one!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Powdered hot chocolate made with coffee is yummy.

I'm having a grand time designing the pattern for the commissions I got on Sunday. It's coming along. Once I have it set, it will come along much faster. That's good when I have to make four of the same thing!

Once again, I'm quite amused that my shop isn't even open (or ready to be) and I'm already getting commission orders. Cool, huh?!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Hand, a Magazine, and a Turkey Baster

LDS is going through the slow process of getting daycare assistance for Gnome and Jelly Bean (they are godson #2 and #3, respectively). For some reason, her case handler is not the person who works the cases out of her zip code. She's also been unable to reach.

She got a call from someone who said she was the assistant of the person who works their zip code and insisted that they needed information on the boys' biological fathers. Apparently LDS and Sqwerl being the two parents of this two parent household is not enough.

The irksome part is that the men who contributed DNA to the boys are not part of their lives in any respect; they're not even paying child support. My friends want it that way; the makers of the respective sperm have no claim to those kids. For the record, they're not interested in such anyway.

So why did this lady insist that they have that information to process the application? Good question! It made us wonder if they would insist on biological parent information if the boys were adopted? Or, if one or both of them were raped by a stranger? Or, if they went through an anonymous sperm donor center? That information is irrelevant to what they're trying to do and I think they were right to feel deeply offended at being asked for it.

There's a strong possibility that this particular case worker assistant just doesn't understand their family dynamic and it's just her little way of pushing her opinions on them. She even had the effrontery to send them information about getting child support.

There is a bright side to this. If their application should be denied for lack of biological father information, they have a back-up plan. It's mostly favorable and significantly cheaper, just not ideal. Basically, the sister of one of their roommates, who has daycare experience, will come to their home to watch the kids for a small salary. The part that's not favorable is that the boys won't get the social interaction with other children, but otherwise, it's a fabulous back-up plan.

I must admit that it makes me glad that I don't have kids to have these worries.

Oh, and as far as the title of this's best not to ask!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Imbolc, the Promise

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sabbat, and that this first period of Mercury Retrograde did not treat you too badly.

Shadow Grove hosted an Imbolc ritual last night at the Grove House. While the weather was beautiful, the sun went down and took his heat with him. This being a fire ritual, we lit the bonfire with a sacred flame. This flame was guarded and carried by the teachers of the Grove ministers from Brigit's sacred, eternal flame in Kildare. The site, sometimes known as Brigit's Forge, had an eternal flame sacred to the goddess burning and carefully tended for centuries. It was extinguished and reignited several times, until the Order of BrigidineNuns relit the flame in 1993. Imbolc is the feast day of the goddess, and this goddess is sacred to me.

This flame was passed to the members of the Grove, and we each took a piece of it home with us. Mine is burning on my altar at this very moment. In the interest of being safe, this fire will burn by contiguity. All fires lit in that candle (and thus, all fires lit from that candle) originated with Brigit's fire. It was an honor indeed to receive this gift.

Yule was the wish of warmth and the return of the sun. Imboc is the promise that we will see that wish come to pass. Ostara will be the fulfillment of that promise. And how perfectly matched everything was. Mercury has left retrograde, it is a time for new beginnings. The moon is waxing, it is a time for new beginnings. The world slowly wakens from its winter slumber, it is a time for new beginnings. May they bring you warmth and light in the days to come.


We all struggle with the hand we've been dealt. Knowing when to leave something behind and move on is never an easy thing.

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, hoping all was well. I'm sorry to learn it is not.

I've always wished for your happiness and success. Those wishes remain. I hope there is light at the end of your tunnel and, if you don't see it now, I hope you will soon. And always.

Better Preparations

If I'm busy with something, I tend to not notice my headaches. That works until I can't distract myself or until it just hurts so much that's all I can think about. This happens so often when my friends have a party. I know it's my own doing, and I'm sure the biggest culprit is dehydration followed closely by hunger. I hope I will remember this so I can better prepare myself (read: drink lots of water and eat regular meals) for next time.

I actually did a fine job of distracting myself. We went early to help set up. I did drink a Coke in hopes that the caffeine would calm my headache, but then I went to water and stuck with it for the rest of the night. I should have done something about eating actual lunch, though. There were many people there, I'm pretty sure it was the most I've seen, and plenty of new people to get to know and established friends to talk to. I even brought a Garden Gnome in progress to work on after our feast, to keep my mind off of the dull thump at my temple. If I still got migraines, this would have been one.

Oddly enough, my crocheting made for things to talk about. I presented a friend with the little C'thulhu, and he was popular. I also managed to get several orders for a video game creature (I think we arrived at four for the same thing), and one for a Garden Gnome and a Slyph and possibly a Happy Uterus (I know I haven't showed you that one yet. Yes, you read it right). Some of my friends even offered to sell them at Pagan Spirit Gathering in July, so we can get an idea of how they move. I was hoping to have my shop up and running by then, and I likely will. At the same time, I'm super happy to supply some things for the festival (though I won't be able to attend it myself).

One of my friends was talking about someone who offered a workshop on knitting and meditation. We chatted briefly about this, and I totally believe it is effective. Knitting, just like crocheting, is a repetitive process just like repeating a mantra or moving the beads of a mala. There's even a book on the market about making prayer shawls (mom bought the book, we both have prayer shawls, I'd love to make more. Hmm...I think I have another product....). I talked about the process of making my three-legged good luck pigs, which are filled with intent and Reiki in every stitch. Believe it or not, it occurred to me this morning just how effective a meditation tool it can be. I say this because I didn't notice my headache at all while I was finishing the Garden Gnome I had been working on. Once I was done with it, and people had oogled to my delight, my mind was out of distractions and it hit me full-force. It was also getting late, so it was a fine time to be leaving anyway.

Of course, when we got home, my head was pounding (still not a migraine) so much that I actually felt quite ill. I know I slept like a rock. Miss Luna has taken to waking me up around 0515, just a few minutes before my first alarm goes off. I can live with this. I'm feeling very zombie-like today, and still have a bit of a headache, much much less in intensity than it was last night. True, I haven't eaten breakfast, and I've only drunk my coffee. I'll take care of that in a minute.

I'm thinking I shall have to approach my crocheting time a little differently. I did mention that I felt it could be used as a meditative process, but just realized today how well it actually worked. I'm going to try to remember this. I think it will help me to think of my work not as work, but as a time to relax, to calm my mind and focus on the action and purpose of the work, not just the work. This is what I do when making three-legged good luck pigs, but I think it will be beneficial if I do that with all my creatures.

What a great thing to discover what I already knew!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Problem with Weekends

There is a problem with weekends, and it's not always that they're over too quickly. I tend to not drink enough water on weekends. This is particularly bad when my friends in Manassas are having a get-together. This is because I spend time cooking (today is a creamy brie bread sauce), then I spend hours with a bunch of wonderful people where the easiest thing to do is grab a Coke or two to nurse through the evening. It's not that water isn't available, just that a soda is simpler. It also doesn't help that the crowd tends to get rather large, and our collective IQ tends to drop quite a bit (it's just goofiness, really. For some reason, that place brings it out of almost all of us, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing). It makes for fun evenings, but often headache-inducing ones.

We're going to leave in a few minutes, and I already have a headache. I'm sure it's a lack of water thing, and probably a lack of food thing too. I did have breakfast, and what was left-over from the brie that I didn't need for my sauce, but not much else. We're going to have a feast tonight, and I'll need room to try everything, at the same time as not stuffing myself. There is a balance thing that needs to happen here.

I'll make an effort to drink water. Really!