Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fluffy Clouds

I hung out with Monty today. He said he had an anti-Valentine's Day gift for me (we both hate that day) that we have been talking about for half a decade or more. I could not guess as to what it was.

It was a CD of Valentine music. Really! We used to joke that, if we had a radio show, we would pick a really mean-angry-sounding song and precede it with this announcement, (insert deep calm slow voice) "and now, a fluffy song about clouds." It became our anti-Valentine's Day dream. That dream was made a reality.

The disc opens with that intro, and includes songs from "The Beautiful People" to "Head Like a Hole," artists from Linkin Park to Godsmack. It's the greatest Valentine music ever! Thanks, Monty!

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