Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Tried

I fully intended to go to work today, excepting a fever. I needed to do some training today, and I was one day away from getting perfect attendance for the month (perfect attendance equals a free hour of PTO, so it's a nice goal to shoot for, and you get it by not coming in late and not calling out). Alas, the thermometer read 100.7 this morning. That's a fever to my normally 97-ish self.

Adolf understood and said that we all seem to be passing something around. It's nice to have a supervisor who doesn't have a few cows when you call out (unlike the super who earned the nickname I've been using).

Right now, I'm either way too hot or shivering with cold. It's very annoying. I can only sleep so much though. Now might be a good time for more sleep....

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