Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Alive

I know, the last you heard from me was killer migraine. I'm really tired and I think I feel a cold coming on, but I'm alive!

Adolf didn't see my e-mail asking to go home until four hours after I sent it. It wasn't that bad, because the Excedrin finally kicked in. I was able to leave an hour early and got home just as my drugs were wearing off. Nice.

I'm still finding random wounds on Miss Luna, and evidence that she's scratching at the bad one on her side. A friend is going to come over this evening and hold her down while I trim her back claws. I'm not convinced the snow shoe was the culprit.

My neighbors behind me have two tiny white kittens, each with one little gray mark on their heads. They are so cute! I haven't met those neighbors yet, but I do watch the kittens when they're out. I think the big, mangy white tom is the father and the black and white that looks a lot like Miss Luna might be the mother. The kittens are probably flea-bitten, but they sure are adorable.

Monday, July 26, 2010

For Monday

I woke up yesterday from a very uneasy night with a stomach and head ache. I was able to get some work done and some mini books made for my new Gnomes (or, printed, at least) but the headache lingered. It was still with me this morning but, naturally, is now a full-blown migraine. I shouldn't have come to work today. It's hard to get anything done when it hurts to have your eyes open.

And then there's that migraine-induced nausea. Maybe I'll be able to last half a day and see if I can go home then. Maybe.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Because It Is Soft and Comfortable

I think I found the kitty cutting culprit. She likes to hide in a closet, there's only one closet that I will let her go in. Eventually, I want to close that door and force her to hide under my bed when she needs a hiding place but, for now, I left the closet open. I kept a little space on the right side free of stuff so she has room to sleep there. But, she doesn't sleep there; she sleeps on the left side on top of things like my folded-up camping chair and a few other things. I inspected that area and found she's been sleeping on my snowshoes! Because of all the straps and things, I've got them in there so one of them is pointy side up. How can that be comfortable?! I didn't see any evidence of pulled fur or blood, but that is the only explanation. They’re not even sharp blades or anything like that, but I really have no idea otherwise.

I put an old cat bed over it, assuring that she will never sleep there again. I don't know what that cat has against cat beds! But, at least it covers the spiky shoes.

I do hope that's it, because that means her cuts should heal up and she'll be fine. They're pretty bad cuts. It’s hard to see things through her long fur, but I was trying to inspect them last night and she was really unhappy with it. I know they’re hurting her. She squeaks if I’m petting her and just run my fingers over the spots. I hope this is it and the bed takes care of it until I close her out of the closet altogether.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dangers of Home

Miss Luna has two big gashes on her right side. I thought the days of finding wounds on her were over, now that she's the only animal in the house. This is not the first time I found a cut on her since moving, but I thought the other one was an older wound. These two are fairly recent.

My cat does not go outside. Certainly no other animals are inside. There is one of two things happening here. Either Buffy is making some kind of contact when we visit my folks (and, even though she's a puppy, I really doubt this is is) or Miss Luna is getting into something at home that is cutting her. Like, jumping off of the cat tree and getting scratched on the corner of my desk. I don't think it's the desk, because it doesn't seem to be showing any evidence of having cut a cat with long black fur, but it might be something like that. She likes to sleep in the closet, but she doesn't sleep on the empty spot of floor that I left for her, she sleeps on a folded metal chair. Her cuts are on the right side (the last one was too). I wonder if there's something in that closet. I'm going to inspect it tonight.

I don't like wounds on my kitty!! I'll get to the bottom of this!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today is my grandmother's birthday.


She's spent some time in the hospital and a care center but should be allowed back to her apartment today. I will drive the sixty miles to join her and her two daughters for dinner this evening. My mom tried a little to discourage me from coming, because I live far away and have to come back so I can get to work in the morning, but it's ok. You only turn 92 once!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


While I've had lulls in posts longer than this one, I've got a good reason for being away this time. Preparations!! Unfortunately, it's all Etsy-related, so if you follow me here but don't follow my craft-specific blog (or if you follow me both places!) things are going to overlap. I have to tell you about this, because it's been consuming my week!

First, the very talented Theresa of Faerie Moon Creations has a wonderful blog. Every Thursday, she features two artists who make crazy fabulous items! You guessed it, this week, my Gnomes are making an appearance!

Check out her blog and enter to win a complete Gnome set (that is Garden Gnome, Cape of Warmth, and Gnomish Travel Basket) in the colors of your choice!

I'm also featured with the wonderful Visual Sentiments. You can enter that giveaway too!

Click here to enter and good luck!

And Second is the Christmas in July sale!

Check out my shop for FREE worldwide shipping on all items! See the special Christmas in July section for discounts on Holiday Gnomes and a couple select sets!

You can search Etsy for "christmasinjuly" and "cij" to find other great sales from artists across the site. Happy shopping!

In other news, my aunt is in town from Utah and she and my mother are supposed to come by to see my house tomorrow. I have to clean clean clean tonight!

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup Togetherness

If you recorded the game and haven't seen it yet, stop reading now.

Yesterday's World Cup final was one of the ugliest matches I've ever witnessed. And I've seen plenty, I started refereeing as soon as I was old enough to work (ok, technically earlier than that, but only by a season) and played in many leagues until I went to college. The Netherlands, in particular, should be ashamed of how ungentlemanly they played (but Spain wasn't doing a whole lot better). Who really wants to set the record for most cards shown in a single championship game? And they blew the record out of the water with 14 yellow cards. It was set in 1986 at six. It was not a pretty game.

I hear that Netherland coaches, players, and fans are very unhappy with the way the ref called the game. Truth be told, he did them a kindness. He should have shown a red card for that crazy high kick in the 28th minute. They should have been playing a man down most of the game. They got lucky. And the ref kind of made up for giving them an advantage there by not issuing a deserved caution to Spain in the second half. Otherwise, every card was earned and deserved, in my once-professional opinion. A really disgusting game.

But, Spain finally got their goal (with some unbecoming gloating that is not in the spirit of the game), proving Paul the oracular octopus right yet again. I was semi cheering for Spain, but I would have been happy with a deserving victory either way. Ugly game aside, I do think Spain deserved their win. Maybe both teams will learn something and play better the next time they face each other.

Nothing brings the world together like the World Cup.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 09, 2010

The Keys

The previous owner of my house didn't have keys to the mail lock box. He didn't live there, you see, so he never had mail going there. A month ago yesterday, I ordered new locks (so that there would be keys so I can get to my mail) and my mail has been held at the annex for me to pick up since.

I was told that they had one person changing locks and he just got back from vacation so it would be two weeks or so for the new locks. I called after two weeks and they were not done. I called after three and four weeks and spoke to a lady who didn't even ask for my name or address to look it up and just said they were not done. How do you know??

I went to the annex to get my mail yesterday. I overheard the workers saying the lock-changing guy ran out of locks and the new supply was not delivered yet. Then they said he is going on vacation again! Then the wonderful lady called the main office, confirmed that my locks had indeed been changed and that my keys were there (even though I had been told that morning they were not done - by the lady who couldn't be bothered to look it up). They're having the keys brought to the annex so I can pick them up today. Yay!

I think I have reason to not be too impressed with the main post office for my zip code, but my mail actually gets delivered out of the annex and those people are wonderful. Thank you, helpful postal people!

I've been a Reiki Master and Teacher since 2006. I haven't actually taught anyone, though. No one has ever taken me up on the offer. I passed my first attunement to Fox last night. I've been working with him more recently, and he expressed wishing I could be there to treat his mother when they visit her next week. Though Reiki works just as effectively by distance and I would do it at his and her consent, I thought it would be better if Fox did it himself. More meaningful to him and to his mother, rather. So, I offered that instead. It took no internal debating on my part. I knew that it was time, and I'm glad I could do that for my friend.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pirates For the Gulf-Etsians Help Animals Caught In The Oil Spill (please re-blog and re-tweet thanks)

The following was copied from PussDaddy Blogs. It was brought to my attention via Twitter. Since this event is relatively local to me and many of my dear readers, I am spreading the word- as asked!

[copied message follows]

I received this email about how some are helping animals effected by the Gulf oil spill, bless their hearts. If you love animals and would like to help please re-blog this or tweet about it. Thanks so much. I will just copy and paste the email here:

Pirates For the Gulf is the name of the charity organization (we're currently working on getting 501.c3 status) working to benefit the animals and ecological system affected by the gulf oil spill. The fundraiser event will be held at Holly Hills Country Club in Ijamsville, MD on July 17th. The proceeds benefit the National Wildlife Federation and the Audubon Institute. The evening will be filled with food, drink, and entertainment. Local businesses have been kind enough to donate their time and items to a raffle being held that night. A local band, belly dance troupe, sword swallower, and tarot reader will be entertaining the attendees, too.

We've contacted many news venues locally but have found it difficult to get the word out nationwide. Our hope is that more people will come together to do similar fundraisers across the U.S.

The oil spill is a much bigger problem than most people seem to know or want to know, the repercussions of which will affect the Gulf of Mexico for many years to come. We feel that every little bit helps to those working to save the animals trapped in the area.

For folks in the MD, VA, or DC area, tickets can be purchased at and cost $60 each. More information can also be found on our Facebook group, Pirates For the Gulf.

Best Wishes,
The Alchemist's Star

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Hi July

I have been a homeowner for one month today!

I'm really loving it. A couple weeks ago, Robin asked me if I got lonely. No. Bored? No. Sad? No. Angry? Only when Miss Luna decided that 0200 is time for breakfast!

Dad and Fox and another of our friend from the Renaissance Festival did come over on the 21st. I met a few more neighbors at the beach. We kayaked maybe four miles of the twelve-mile lake. Despite power boaters and jet skiers and water skiers, it was really quite nice. There is a very small part of me that is thinking about getting a little power boat. You know, after the truck. So we can load the kayaks on it and start at a different part of the lake. Yeah. That's it.

I only have a small reel mower. The thing with that kind of mower is that you have to keep up with the lawn, because if the grass gets too long, the mower will just push the blades over and roll harmlessly over them. I managed to eat something yucky last week and got sick from it, so the lawn didn't get mowed. And then it was hot so the lawn didn't get mowed. I woke up early on Saturday hoping to beat the heat of the day and take care of the lawn before it got to be too much for my mower. There is no such thing as "before the heat of the day" over here! After forty-five minutes and not even half my yard, I nearly passed out! I visited my mom that weekend and she bought me a battery-powered electric mower. I think it was an act of pity.

Mowing the lawn is on my list of things to do this evening.

The funny thing is that I've had more visitors to my home in the month of being there than I had in two years at the condo. And I'm further away from everyone, so it wasn't about the distance. I don't get it. Not that I'm complaining, of course! On Sunday, when my mom followed me home with the lawn mower in her CRV, we put it together, ran out to Applebee's for carry out, and then sat in my little living room and watched a movie. It seems like a simple thing, but it really felt nice.

Hedwig is for sale. Robin helped me put her on Craigslist. I've never sold anything on Craigslist, so this is a little interesting. I've had five inquiries so far. It's hard to get my home in order and worry about selling my car, though. It was probably a little premature to put it up before I could really devote the time to it, but it will be nice to get that off my plate. I'm sorry to be selling her, but I really don't need two Saturns and I really do need a truck. If I could, I would keep her.

Do any of you, dear readers, need a good ten-year-old car? Except that the A/C isn't working, she's in fabulous shape. I was expecting to get at least another five years out of her. I'd be willing to deliver a reasonable distance (reasonable as in something I can get to without killing myself on a Saturday or such!).

I know I said once the move got out of the way, I'd get back to regular postings. Thank you, gentle readers, for your patience with me. I'm still not completely unpacked, but I am mostly settled. I'm sure I'll be able to get back to posting with regularity. Be warned, you might just hear about how tall my lawn is getting!

Oh, and if you shop on Etsy at all- a large group of sellers got together and planned a massive Christmas in July sale! The official dates are July 15th through July 25th, though some shops are doing the whole month. Each seller is running their own sale, so search for tags "ChristmasinJuly" or "CIJ" to find some great sales! Yep, I'll be in on the action too!