Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Perspective

There is so much going on right now, and I'm more stressed than I need to be about all of it. Let's explore that with some lists.

First, the stressors

Still not sleeping
Need to spice up the tarot lesson
Need to finish the tarot board
Need to buy wood finish
Need to finish the auction doll
Need to order smaller shipping boxes
Need to order jewelry boxes
Need to get a list of shipping costs
Need to take pictures
Need to write up bios and policies
Need a new watch battery
Feeling blocked and unable to do anything about it
Feeling exceptionally worried about LDS
and a bit about what I want verses what I can have

Next, the deadlines

I have until next Thursday to finish with my lesson.
I have until next Wednesday to finish the board.
I have until next Sunday to finish the doll.
I would like to have the boxes in hand as soon after Mother's Day as possibly possible.

Then, we have the plans

I get paid tomorrow, I can order the boxes tonight and run by the craft store for wood stain on my way home.
Since the doll is due first, I can hold off on the board (which is almost done) and work on the doll.
Even if there are things I want to add to my lesson, it is fine as-is, so that's not a priority.
I know who can help me with the blocks, I just need to ask her.
Write-ups and shipping costs can wait until the last of the boxes actually get here.
Pictures will have to wait another week.
I can't do anything about LDS and her predicament. Only wait for news and hope.

The main kicker are my first and last stressors. Sleeping will improve as other things get crossed off the list. I'm sure of it. The other thing, well that's not in my control. It involves other people. Still, I know what I want, and I know what I don't want, and they're in conflict. That's where the stress is.

This did not make me feel better like that last time I organized my priorities.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A good start means nothing when you jump the gun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Am Not a Doctor

I can't diagnose or treat any condition. I can offer opinions based on my limited knowledge, research, and experience, and Reiki to help bring things back into balance, but a doctor I am not. I know this. My friends know it too, and they know to take my opinions for what they are, opinions only.

LDS has been having trouble for months, I think. The last time she had unexplained health complaints, she went to a doctor and found out she was pregnant. This was not a possibility this time. She went to a doctor, and they found a tear in her stomach lining, likely caused by taking too much ibuprofen. She was given a prescription medication to help it heal, but couldn't afford it and insurance won't cover it. I don't know if she asked the doctor for an affordable alternative (knowing her, probably not). Still with amazing side and stomach pains, she went back to the doctor and they found another tear in her esophagus. The pain also manifested in her right shoulder. You know what that sounds like to my not-medically-trained mind? The gallbladder.

Doctors told her she was too young, but they said the same thing to Phoenix when she had her gallbladder removed for stones. They decided to do a hida scan to check for problems in the bile duct. After some run around with insurance, the earliest appointment she could get was this past Friday. On Tuesday, the pain was too great and the fact that she couldn't eat anything other than rice put her in a hospital. They did an ultrasound and found no gall stones. I was sure that had to be the answer. I'm still not a doctor, but all signs were pointing to that. It is not so. At least she knows what it's not.

LDS hasn't been to work for a week. She's still waiting for the results of the hida scan. I think I'm almost as frustrated as she is. Not because I was wrong (of course, I'm not a doctor. Still, I'm happy she convinced them to test for it, I could have been right), but because not knowing is half of the problem. Maybe it is just the tears that are causing so much pain for her. They should heal up, more so with the help of some nice drugs if she could get them. I have some things in mind for her to do about that, but it's more than I can easily communicate through a text message. The first is asking the doctor for some less-pricey, maybe over-the-counter alternatives. The second is convincing the insurance that it is medically necessary so they will cover it. The third is asking if the manufacturer can help her with the cost. After a week of rice, anything is worth a try.

I'm hoping with her that the hida scan will reveal something. It's frightening to have something painfully wrong and not know what it is or what you can do about it. I want her to have answers. Other people need her and depend on her and she needs to be well. Here's hoping for answers and, with them, a solution.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sudden Heat

The weather turned suddenly warm on us. That's fine. We have air conditioning in the condo. We were hoping to not have to turn it on for most of the spring, but oh well.

But, wait! It's not working! It's been on all day and it's not doing a thing! Crap! I hope my meager fan will be sufficient. I can't sleep with the window open. Not with that noisy street outside. I think I'll cuddle up with a nice ice pack from the freezer. That sounds like a plan.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Change in Plans

My friend and I were planning on taking a date day to Great Falls. By the time he got here, we decided it was a little too warm for a hike and we weren't yet ready for it. So, we stayed in and took a nap.

That's the way it goes sometimes!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drink More Water

When you have a fever, nothing will help you more than drinking water. Nothing. No. Thing.

Sure, sleep is nice. Chicken soup makes you feel better. Maybe even good ole acetaminophen will help bring those numbers down. But. You. Must. Drink. Water. Period.

If you don't, the high temperatures of your fever will cause you to dehydrate. When you get too dehydrated, your risk renal failure. And that equals some hours with an IV drip. For my dad, last night it was four, and two liters of life-sustaining fluids.

We took him back to the emergency after care clinic today for some more blood tests, so the doctors could determine if his kidneys started working again. To our relief, they had, though they were not yet completely doing what they should. He then had to withstand lectures from my mom and I about drinking water when you spend a few days with a fever of 102.

Everyone got that? If you have a fever, drink water. No excuse will be acceptable. Water. Drink it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I Shouldn't Have

But I did, and I know I won't regret it. And I'll tell you all about it when it gets here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I needed tires. I got some tires. One more thing off of the to-do list.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is It Just Me

Or did Girl Genius leave off at a terrible spot today?

Gah! The suspense!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something New

Well, new for this blog anyway.

Shadow Grove is planning a festival for Beltane again. It's the same festival that brought me to that great community a year ago. The festival has expanded to span four days and will include a number of wonderful guests. Like last year, I will be leading a workshop on learning the tarot. Unlike last year, however, I can't be there for the entire festival. We were unable to get the park for our first choice of Beltane weekend, so our festival will be the following weekend, the weekend of Mother's Day. Knowing my mother, she'll want to kayak, and she'll want me to be there. Also, my aunt is visiting from Utah that weekend and it will be nice to see her (not to mention I will be expected to be at my grandmother's home for dinner on whichever day they're having it). This works out ok, as I can hold two workshops on Friday morning and evening, and still have time to experience the opening ritual and spend some time offering my Reiki services at the Healing Garden.

New this year, we will be offering tarot readings. Since I can't be there all weekend, the ministers were able to book a new member of the Grove for the readings. In a recent turn, this person found she was pregnant and ordered on bed rest (best of luck and health to you!) which leaves the position of tarot reader vacant. Perhaps I am the logical choice to fill that position, except that I will only be there the first two days. We still need a reader for Saturday and Sunday.

I am happy to do this, even though I'm a little nervous because I haven't read for others in years. I think it's much like riding a bike; I know the cards and the things they can mean and I know the spreads I am comfortable using. There are just a few snags, all of practicality and logistics. The first is that pesky weekend where I won't be there because of family obligations. The second is the simple fact that no two readers read the same way. The original person we had coming listed a couple spreads that she uses and based pricing for service on those (she is a professional reader, actually, and has more experience in that regard than I). The thing is, I hate the Celtic Cross spread, one of her features. I stopped working with it more than a decade ago. No matter if I read for two days or we find someone else to read for the duration of the festival, the content of what we offer will have to change.

It feels like a small set-back to me, which is a very good thing. The biggest problem is filling Saturday and Sunday. I've been working on an elemental spread. The idea came from my friends at Goldentree Wands, though I admit that I never got a reading from her and didn't really pay attention when she was reading at GoddessFest. The idea came from them, but the actual spread, how I work it and what it means, are my own because of that fact. It needs some refining to bring it to a place where I can work with it for others. I have a few weeks to do this. I could always focus on a pyramid spread as well. I'll find something comparable that works.

I'm excited about doing this, but the truth is that I need to exercise my skills. So, in the spirit of getting myself comfortable in reading for others again, I'm going to work with my deck every day. It will start with one card in the morning that I will define, think about, and reflect on for the course of the day. I will then do a weekly reading of eight cards, one for each day of the week and a card for the week in general. Then the daily cards throughout the week will modify that. On the first day of a new month, I will pull an extra card for that month. Starting next week, I will post my weekly spread, and I will pull them with general purpose: that is, so they will apply to most people instead of a specific question or situation of my own. I have a lot of preparation to do for the festival, for my workshop and possibly taking this over. This feels like a good place to begin.

The card of the day, because I know you are wondering, is the Four of Pentacles Reversed. This is the miser, signifying that I am holding on to something when I should be letting go, when it's ok to let it go. It might be money, or maybe an idea, or maybe something as basic as uncertainty. This is what I have to think about today.

A Shift

I've been asked to give tarot readings at an upcoming festival next month. I haven't read for anyone besides myself in quite some time, so this makes me a little nervous. At the same time, I'm friggin excited! I always love a chance to stretch my dowsing muscles.

I've been learning dowsing by Ogham. My set of fews were handmade by a wonderful artist in the UK, using wood from the trees that the character drawn on them represents. It's awesome, and I've been itching to learn this method of dowsing for some time. But, I'll need to put that on hold and bring my focus back to the tarot, my first divination love.

I want to make a tarot board or table. I've wanted to do this for ages, but now I have a reason. I'm going to swing by Michael's after work and see what kind of wood they have, either a tray or little table or something. If all else fails, I might be able to have Sunflyr pick an appropriate piece up for me from his work. Or, at least talk to him about what's available.

This may end up not quite working out and I may not be giving readings at all. In all honesty, I think I'll be a little disappointed, but also understanding and relieved at the same time. I'm going to practice my little heart out, though. And make my board, and prepare like I should. Even if I end up not working the festival, it's good practice and I have let myself get a little rusty. That does not befit someone who has been working with the cards for half her life, I think!

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Than a Pet

I've never really had a familiar. That is, a creature that is my magickal partner, who works spells and rituals with me and lends its energy. It requires asking, dedication, and something in the creature, if it started as a pet, will change. I like my pets as they are and so never tried to make one my familiar.

On the other hand, I often don't have animals with me in ritual other than to simply be there. On occasion, my cat has chosen to help, and I could feel her energy working with mine, but those were always her choices and I like it to remain that way.

In Autumn of 2007, I purchased two anoles. My brother and I each had one as children, but I don't remember much beyond their names. These creatures were marketed as tame pets who enjoy being handled. The truth is that this is not so, but that was perfectly ok for my situation. If they were to escape my hands, it would mean death (specifically, death by cat).

So, I didn't handle them much at all, and they seemed happy. I joyfully watched them hunt crickets and bask in the warmth from their little tank light. The set up of my previous living arrangements put their tank within my ritual and spellworking circle. That's just the way it happened to work out. Somehow, I felt their fiery lizard energy in my workings. I got used to them being there, sometimes it seemed they would lend their energy, sometimes they would not. It was a choice, just as it was for my cat.

I felt a closer bond with the male, named Lord Nagafen. Maybe it was because he was less skittish around my hands and would occasionally sit on my fingers for warmth. Maybe because it was he who lent energy to my work. He was definitely the first one I picked in the store. The female, Lady Vox, mostly just came with him as a mated pair, though I learned to love her too.

In recent weeks, they had both shown a lot of activity. Nagafen molted and grew and they both looked full of life. Last Sunday, I woke to find Nagafen dead. His body showed evidence of terrible distress but, not being an expert on anole health, I could not really determine a cause of death. Of course, I worried that it was some negligence on my part. One of my roommates helped me remove him from the tank and bury him under the soft vines outside. Then, he kindly left me alone to cry as I cleaned the cage for Vox's safety.

It's heartbreaking to lose a pet, to lose a pet with no certain cause, and to lose a pet that you were particularly attached to. That night, I started a 7-day ritual. I burnt dragon's blood incense to help set my focus. I placed a blue candle on my altar and charged it with peace, that Nagafen may find peace where he is, and that Vox would find peace in his absence. The first three nights were focused on Nagafen's farewell, the last four were for Vox. On Wednesday, I took a piece of quartz that I had harvested from the local quartz vein and charged it with energies of peace, grounding, and good health. On Sunday morning, with the candle burnt out and the energies sent as directed, I placed the quartz under the tank so Vox may draw upon its energy when she needs it.

I learned a lot more about the care of anoles since trying to solve the mystery of Nagafen's death. I hope I have improved my knowledge enough to keep Vox happy and healthy for many years to come. All we can do is the best we can with the knowledge we have at time. Nothing has ever come closer to being my familiar than these little lizards. I wish Nagafen an easy journey to his next cycle, and I will honor him by doing my best to take care of Vox. It is my duty to them.

Tossing, Turning, Not Sleeping

That was last night. I got to bed late. I couldn't get comfortable. I barely slept.

I need to think about what to make my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day this year. I was thinking of felting a vase and putting little felted flowers in it. Or, maybe I could just crochet a vase and fill it with crocheted flowers. I know my grandmother likes butterflies, my mother likes Black-Eyed Susans (though, I can't say why I thought of that over any other flower). And, I'll likely need a third thing for my aunt. Maybe I should go back to the needle felting idea. Too tired to think much on it, though I know I don't have a lot of time (among the many many other things I've got going on) to work on it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working on Something

I spent all day making something. All day. Hours and hours adjusting patterns and working out new ones. I successfully did what I wanted to do. Pictures will come later. Good night.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Phoenix's beau, who I'm going to call Sunflyr, has been job hunting since he moved here in January. He was getting unemployment, but it was barely enough for gas and groceries. He had some promising employment prospects, but nothing panned out. I know it was extremely frustrating and disappointing for him.

A week ago, he managed to get a position at a local large retailer. He went through a few days of training and today was his first day on the floor. He came home saying he had a lot of fun on his new job and I think I caught something about being so busy that he could barely stop for a break.

He's a good guy who deserves better than the hand he's been recently dealt. I gave five years of my life to a corporate retail chain and I know that it will eventually get tiresome and frustrating. I hope that doesn't happen for him, that he can keep this "good day at work" momentum for some time. I think he's got one of those work ethics where it's satisfying just to be working. Maybe it's not the best job in the world, but I know he must feel better to have it. I certainly can't speak for him or for Phoenix, who has been supporting him as much as she could while he was looking for work, but it feels like a break in a stream of unfortunate disappointments. I'm proud of him.

Friday, April 17, 2009

As It Really Is

I thought I slept well last night, but I looked tired this morning. Upon reflection, I really didn't sleep well. I got to bed when I wanted too, but woke up almost every hour. I feel like I was sleeping deeply when I was sleeping, but probably not since I woke up so much.

Taking my lunch break outside has helped, but I'm still quite tired. Maybe I can fit in a nap after getting some groceries and before going out. We'll see. I'll try.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Every department is struggling. I'm not sure why that results in me being conscripted to help out (because every department includes my own), but that's the way it seems to be working.

If you save the world often enough, it comes to expect it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



But, I've been so busy today, I don't even have time to compile a list of what I need. Maybe tomorrow. And, hopefully I have some food to last until then.

Monday, April 13, 2009

On a Much Better Note

Happy birthday, he-who-does-not-yet-have-an-alias!

Fret and Stress

Work is no where near being the focus of my day.

I've been drudging the internet for information about what might have killed Nagafen. I'm sure I'll never know, but the more knowledge I have, the better I'll be able to protect Vox from the same fate.

Naggy had been showing quite a lot of activity lately. He just finished molting, had a healthy appetite, and was active around the tank. I think the cats have noticed the anole's extra activity and had been paying more attention to them. This could easily result in more stress for the lizards, so while they seemed happy and active, they were still showing signs of stress. Naggy had gotten to being an expert at playing dead and gave me more than a few heart-stopping moments in the past few weeks.

Saturday night, he was in the corner of the tank on the ground. He had developed post-orbital spots, black patches on his head behind his eyes, which I did not learn until this morning is a sign of intense anger, stress, or sickness. Upon waking yesterday morning, Naggy was in the same location, still with those post-orbital spots, but his body was thin and not moving with breath, and he had two red areas on either side of him just before his hind legs.

My first thought was that it might have been mites, but now that I think about it and have done some reading, it doesn't seem like that was the case as there really was no evidence of mites. It might have been the last surviving cricket in the tank was eating him (and I can only hope that happened after he died). When I saw him on Saturday before going to bed, not knowing the signs of stress, I did note that he was awake and looking around.

My research this morning has been inconclusive as to the actual cause of his death. I have learned that the calcium sand I've been using is not good substrate at all (thank you, idiot pet-store people). So maybe it was simply that he got a mouthful of that stuff which can kill him. I also learned that it's really not good to handle them all the time (which is fine, because I didn't, for fear they would run away from me and get eaten by a cat). I know that Vox was always particularly panicked when I tried to hold her (only for taking her out to clean the tank). Since cleaning the tank was the first thing I did after Phoenix's beau helped me (read: did the doing) remove Naggy from his spot of death and bury him in a soft bed of leaves outside the condo, I know she'll be super stressed if I remove her from the tank so soon again. So, for now, the sand will remain, but I will put some nice moss or bark or something over it. When she's had a few days to recover from the stress of the tank cleaning, I'll get rid of it.

Naggy was about two years old, and should have lived longer in captivity (two years is the expected life span in the wild, since many things eat the small lizards). I hope Vox will live longer. I've also learned that, while my two were in the same tank together, they're not necessarily social animals and Vox should be just fine having the tank to herself now. That basically means I shouldn't worry about getting another dragon to keep her company. I'll also work extra hard to keep the cats away. I know it must be very stressful with a great big cat pawing at the tank whenever it might.

I'm doing my best to learn, though websites about the subject are scarce or require money that I don't have and I don't seem to have any vet near me that would care for the tiny creature. But the more I know the better anole caretaker I will be. I will do anything I can to ensure she lives a long, healthy life. I'm trying not to question how well I take care of my pets. I do my best with the knowledge and resources I have. That's all I can ever do.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lord of Dragons

Long live Lord Nagafen.

I will take care of Lady Vox as best I can. I hope you were happy.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Pat and I were talking about how hard is has been to focus on work lately. Wednesday was particularly bad for me. I was crazy swamped with work and just couldn't get my mind to set to any of it. I got the important things done, but some things had to wait. Pat was having that problem yesterday.

At first, I told him I couldn't focus too. It was somewhat true, but not nearly like it was on Wednesday. My mind was going all over the place. It was listening to the sounds around me, making plans for the weekend, doing work, folding star boxes, thinking about cooking, hoping LDS's doctor appointment goes well. Just all over the place. Lack of focus, surely, but my work was still getting done.

In fact, my work was getting done too well. By 1300, I only had a handful of things left to do. Work wasn't really coming in, and the critical stuff was done by 1100. No focus, but work got caught up in the general flightiness. That's ok, as long as the work gets done, right?!

I am certain it was from the few hours of sleep I've been getting. I was up late every night this week, and later on Wednesday and Thursday. That just made for a crazy, all over the place kind of Friday! Good think I got off of work a little early. It gave me time to take a little nap before visiting Monty.

I have more stuff to do today. I'm still quite tired.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Raven Moon

I was contemplating the name of this month's Esbat in preparing for my ritual. In many cultures, ravens are signs of death or an ill omen. They are scavengers, birds of mischief. They are said to be the guardians of the dead and can tell when death is coming.

Ravens are solitary or travel in pairs, unlike their smaller crow brethren that often flock. Perhaps it is their resilience as scavengers or their loyalty to their mates that give power to this Esbat.

My casting this month was simple, and drew on that power of resilience. I'm still putting the finishing touches on the store that I plan to open. I decided to set a crystal grid in my bedroom, where most of my crafting, ideas, and administration take place. A crystal grid is a number of crystals, placed in a specific pattern or geometrical shape that enhances and channels their energy. I used chunks of quartz that I gathered from the local quartz vein in the forest. I placed the four largest pieces in the corners of the room. Four smaller pieces bisect each wall and one piece was placed in the center of the room, which is under my bed.

With my grid in place, I meditated upon it and felt the energies of the quartz connect in the grid. The quartz will help keep me centered, grounded, and focused on the task at hand, be it creating or sleeping.

I hope this Esbat finds you with strong foundations under your feet.

Office Chatter

I just heard one of my coworkers ask another, "where's West Palm Beach?"
The answer she got was, "Just west of Palm Beach."

Things that make you know it's Friday!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Frogs Are Licking Up All the Milk

I took a walk at lunch today. It was nice. I got to bed late last night, and will do so again tonight, so I'm really feeling tired right now.

But, since I took a walk, I can count that as a 20 minute workout and don't have to jump on the elliptical when I get home. Know what that means?


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I See What I Did

My origami page-a-day calendar sometimes has kirigami (that's the fold-cut-unfold method that most people use for paper snowflakes). Today's model was a one-cut kirigami, where you make a series of seemingly random folds, one cut, and open up the piece to reveal a shape. This shape was supposed to be a bunny.

My origami skills did not escape me. I successfully made precise folds and ended up with a strange, chaotic bunching of paper. I made my one cut at the appointed place and opened the thing up. I did not get a bunny. I got a scary mask-looking thing. I know I folded right!

Well, I did fold right except for one thing. Step one was simply folding the square in half, called a book base because your paper looks like a book. Step two was the first of many measured folds. My problem happened somewhere between the two, when I had my book base looking as I would expect a book to look, with the 'spine' on the left and the open part on the right. Alas, this kirigami called for the 'book' to face the other way.

That did it. It came out right the second time.

Kirigami isn't quite my thing!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Keep Going

Oddly enough, since writing that a few minutes ago, and getting my to-dos on paper, I'm feeling a lot better. I'm feeling in control again, or maybe that control isn't that far away. Maybe the coffee just kicked in. Who knows?


You may have gathered, gentle blog readers, that I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I need to get the whys all down so I can work through them. I know I can't keep going on like this for long.

Some of it was fretting about waking up in the morning because my alarm clocks (yes, more than one) had dead batteries. They've been replaced, so that's not it anymore.

Some of it is my unwillingness to turn off whatever game I happen to be playing and go to bed when I need to. Honestly, though, it's really not that often that a good game keeps me awake.

Some of it is just the usual stuff: the cat won't settle down, the roommates are *eh-hem* not sound asleep, my mind is racing with thoughts of all kinds. Maybe sometimes it's just that I had too much coffee.

I have had a lot on my mind lately. I'm still preparing to open my Etsy shop (soon™!) and I have a lot of work still to do on that. The ministry I've been working with is putting on a festival in May and I've been busy with thoughts of that, particularly now that we're into crunch time. I've been seeing someone for about a month. Though we haven't put a label or definition on our relationship, he's constantly showing me what a great guy he is and I very much enjoy the time we've been spending together. Admittedly, I think about that a lot. I've also been discussing with my roommates about renewing our lease for another year, and roommate now includes Phoenix's boyfriend, who will have to get a nickname soon.

I also worry about my income. The pay cut we had to take hit harder than even I thought it would. The list of things I need to purchase is getting longer since I keep putting them off for other bills (for example, new tires are next on my list but the credit card and computer and student loan still need to be paid). It was probably the wrong time to get the new laptop, given my situation. But, I can stay on top of it. I know I can. I just need to make do with everything else for a time. I do think I need to stop sacrificing groceries, though. Well, part of the problem with being so tired is that I don't have the brain for straightening out my budget in the evenings. That's a double-edge sword there.

My exercise routine has been sporadic at best for quite a few weeks. And, I've been drinking more coffee and less water. I know that plays a pretty large role in how well I sleep. I must say, I wanted to sit around when I got home from work yesterday, but I did forty-five minutes on the elliptical instead (and then took the evening to relax).

I need to go back to writing a to-do list. Maybe not daily, but certainly with all of these things stacking up, I need to keep the things I need to do in line.

So, today, there was talk of maybe going out for coffee. I'm happy to do that, but I think I'll go with decaf. I probably won't be that late getting home because it's just coffee and not dinner, so I'll devote that first three fourths of an hour to the elliptical. Then, I must hit the computer and look at my funds. The ministry needs to be paid for my part in the festival. Then, I'll see what I can put to tires. Those are the big things right now anyway.

If I get these worries and obligations out of the way and get my exercise back on track, I know that will improve things immensely.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Is That the Time

Today was a long, busy day. I had a date with Cherry Blossoms (haven't loaded any pictures yet), then we met up with some of his friends and wandered around Burke Lake. Then it was back to my place. My roommates just finished cooking dinner. Dinner!!

As tired as I am, this is not proving to be an early evening.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

One of Those

I have nothing to say for today. I got in late last night (if you can still call it that). I'm tired. I'm taking a nap.

Friday, April 03, 2009

And Another

Going out tonight. That's all you get.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

On the Move

I can't believe my little godson is mobile! He crawls fast and can occasionally stand on his own (though the walking thing isn't happening yet). He likes to chase the cats, and the cats like to run away. He hasn't yet learned how to pet them, and tries instead to grab fistfuls of hair. He tends to do the same when interacting with his baby brother. That will come in time.

Still! Children I knew as babies aren't allowed to grow up! It's against the rules!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tap Tap Tap

I opened this window to start typing something and couldn't think of anything. So I started tapping on my keyboard.

Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap!

I'm very suddenly not feeling very well. Some is a slight head ache, some is a slight stomach ache, some is a strange sense of foreboding for no reason at all.

For no reason at all.

Tap tap tap tap tap....