Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Perspective

There is so much going on right now, and I'm more stressed than I need to be about all of it. Let's explore that with some lists.

First, the stressors

Still not sleeping
Need to spice up the tarot lesson
Need to finish the tarot board
Need to buy wood finish
Need to finish the auction doll
Need to order smaller shipping boxes
Need to order jewelry boxes
Need to get a list of shipping costs
Need to take pictures
Need to write up bios and policies
Need a new watch battery
Feeling blocked and unable to do anything about it
Feeling exceptionally worried about LDS
and a bit about what I want verses what I can have

Next, the deadlines

I have until next Thursday to finish with my lesson.
I have until next Wednesday to finish the board.
I have until next Sunday to finish the doll.
I would like to have the boxes in hand as soon after Mother's Day as possibly possible.

Then, we have the plans

I get paid tomorrow, I can order the boxes tonight and run by the craft store for wood stain on my way home.
Since the doll is due first, I can hold off on the board (which is almost done) and work on the doll.
Even if there are things I want to add to my lesson, it is fine as-is, so that's not a priority.
I know who can help me with the blocks, I just need to ask her.
Write-ups and shipping costs can wait until the last of the boxes actually get here.
Pictures will have to wait another week.
I can't do anything about LDS and her predicament. Only wait for news and hope.

The main kicker are my first and last stressors. Sleeping will improve as other things get crossed off the list. I'm sure of it. The other thing, well that's not in my control. It involves other people. Still, I know what I want, and I know what I don't want, and they're in conflict. That's where the stress is.

This did not make me feel better like that last time I organized my priorities.

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