Saturday, April 18, 2009


Phoenix's beau, who I'm going to call Sunflyr, has been job hunting since he moved here in January. He was getting unemployment, but it was barely enough for gas and groceries. He had some promising employment prospects, but nothing panned out. I know it was extremely frustrating and disappointing for him.

A week ago, he managed to get a position at a local large retailer. He went through a few days of training and today was his first day on the floor. He came home saying he had a lot of fun on his new job and I think I caught something about being so busy that he could barely stop for a break.

He's a good guy who deserves better than the hand he's been recently dealt. I gave five years of my life to a corporate retail chain and I know that it will eventually get tiresome and frustrating. I hope that doesn't happen for him, that he can keep this "good day at work" momentum for some time. I think he's got one of those work ethics where it's satisfying just to be working. Maybe it's not the best job in the world, but I know he must feel better to have it. I certainly can't speak for him or for Phoenix, who has been supporting him as much as she could while he was looking for work, but it feels like a break in a stream of unfortunate disappointments. I'm proud of him.

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