Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I See What I Did

My origami page-a-day calendar sometimes has kirigami (that's the fold-cut-unfold method that most people use for paper snowflakes). Today's model was a one-cut kirigami, where you make a series of seemingly random folds, one cut, and open up the piece to reveal a shape. This shape was supposed to be a bunny.

My origami skills did not escape me. I successfully made precise folds and ended up with a strange, chaotic bunching of paper. I made my one cut at the appointed place and opened the thing up. I did not get a bunny. I got a scary mask-looking thing. I know I folded right!

Well, I did fold right except for one thing. Step one was simply folding the square in half, called a book base because your paper looks like a book. Step two was the first of many measured folds. My problem happened somewhere between the two, when I had my book base looking as I would expect a book to look, with the 'spine' on the left and the open part on the right. Alas, this kirigami called for the 'book' to face the other way.

That did it. It came out right the second time.

Kirigami isn't quite my thing!

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