Friday, April 10, 2009

The Raven Moon

I was contemplating the name of this month's Esbat in preparing for my ritual. In many cultures, ravens are signs of death or an ill omen. They are scavengers, birds of mischief. They are said to be the guardians of the dead and can tell when death is coming.

Ravens are solitary or travel in pairs, unlike their smaller crow brethren that often flock. Perhaps it is their resilience as scavengers or their loyalty to their mates that give power to this Esbat.

My casting this month was simple, and drew on that power of resilience. I'm still putting the finishing touches on the store that I plan to open. I decided to set a crystal grid in my bedroom, where most of my crafting, ideas, and administration take place. A crystal grid is a number of crystals, placed in a specific pattern or geometrical shape that enhances and channels their energy. I used chunks of quartz that I gathered from the local quartz vein in the forest. I placed the four largest pieces in the corners of the room. Four smaller pieces bisect each wall and one piece was placed in the center of the room, which is under my bed.

With my grid in place, I meditated upon it and felt the energies of the quartz connect in the grid. The quartz will help keep me centered, grounded, and focused on the task at hand, be it creating or sleeping.

I hope this Esbat finds you with strong foundations under your feet.

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