Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Going to Idaho!

Before you think I'm mad, let me explain.

I frequent an online 'New Age' shop and forum that's based in Boise. A random google search for ritual robes brought me there almost a year ago. The atmosphere of this place (if a website can have an atmosphere, and I think it can) is so very inviting, welcoming, comforting. You can tell the couple who own and run it work hard for that. If I could single-handedly make their business a total success, I would do it. Well, I can't move out of my parent's house, so you can imagine how well that last bit works out.

On the weekend of the 29th of this month, there is a local-to-Boise festival called Goddess Fest, which these two strangers who have somehow by their very nature become friends will have a booth. I got this crazy idea a few months ago, that while I can't buy them out in my attempt at support, I might be able to offer something that would help bring other people in (to subsequently buy them out, get it?). This perfect plan might not work at all, but they're open to it. So I'll pack up some clothes and my Reiki-tuned hands and make my way to Idaho. If nothing else out of this venture, I get a much needed vacation in the company of two people whom I would very much like to meet outside of the virtual realm. And maybe my Renaissance Festival and retail experience would help out a bit too.

While the fact that no one in my office knows what's in Idaho other than potatoes (do you remember that commercial? "Yo ho, I'm from Idaho!"), everyone seems to agree that I really need to get to some place that's away. I don't care how expensive the plane tickets are. What?? 3 stops?? In California?? Ok, I care a bit about how expensive the plane tickets are. But I don't care if I come home with something due on my previously paid-off credit card and no extra cash to handle it. RenFaire season is almost upon us anyway.

And I'm so excited about Idaho!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nice Try

We tried to sail last night. Believe it or not, we did!

The rain was coming down all through our drive, and we only got to the dock at 1815 or so (Captain likes to leave at 1800). The racers were discussing the rain on the radio, and the race committee decided to start the race slightly delayed (not enough to make any difference, really). So, at around 1830, we headed out. It takes us 30 minutes or so to just get out of the harbor.

As we were on our way, a big black cloud was approaching from the southwest (that's where land is, by the way. East is open Bay, west: land, south: more land, north: up the Bay towards Baltimore). They radio was still talking about start time, but there was lightening in that cloud.

As the wall of rain approached, the race committee decided to abandon the race. GREAT!! Now you tell us, when we're already out of the safety of the harbor!! The rain came fast, and poured. We had a 45° heel on bare poles!! Captain ordered me to stay below, where I had gone to better hear the radio. No problem! I came out of that pretty dry, if a little queasy.

Maybe next time they'll tell us the race is cancelled before we leave the slip!

Monday, July 10, 2006

That Didn't Work

For those of you who are confused about my last entry, that was my review of Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Ok, you're right, it's not! But it was worth taking a whole post to say.

I spent the weekend in Richmond with my best friend and saw Pirates again (you read that right, it's already been twice). If you're going to see it, stay for the scene at the end of the credits. If you haven't seen the scene at the end of the credits from the first movie, load up your DVD, VHS, or rental card and watch that first. You WILL miss something if you didn't see the scene at the end of the credits from the first movie.

That said, I will spoil nothing. I loved it. I can't wait to put on my pirate costume and go again on Friday.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm There!!!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sail Anyway

Despite the rain and storm last night, we did have a race. It was a little one, and took just under an hour, but we did it anyway.

I'm actually in a position I don't like being in. Through July, I nearly have to go because one of the other regular crew people won't be there. Last night, it was just my dad and the boat owner and me. Thankfully, there wasn't more wind than we could handle. I know that no one is forcing me to go, but I did say I would at the beginning of the season so I'm obligated to follow through with that.

It wasn't un-fun, but I still can't seem to spend an evening on the boat and not get snapped at.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Good Plan

"No plan of battle ever survives contact with the enemy." And such it is with perfectly good kayaking plans too.

We decided on Sunday that it's best to get out early, so we're not outside in the sun during that worst part of the day. We figured we can pack the cars up on Monday night and be at Selby's Landing by 0800. This way, we can paddle in the (mostly) cool morning sunshine and be in by 1100 or 1200, before it gets icky.

This worked well, we got to the landing and unloaded and it looked like we were going to be in the water by 0830, still a fine time. Except our paddling companions managed to leave their kayak seats at home. You really can't kayak for a long time without a seat, so they had to send someone back home for them (and back home, mind you, is not nearly as close as we would have been had we had to go back home). We ended up waiting, because we didn't want to leave someone on shore alone or send one or a pair off on their own. We didn't get in the water before 1000, we didn't get out until 1330 or so, and by then we were quite thoroughly spent.

We were going to stay up for fireworks, but alas, it just didn't work out!

Maybe next time we plan to be in the water at a certain time, we'll actually do it. We haven't yet, but there's always hope!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Last Minute Yaking

We were going to brunch today, but Fox's wife got a new kayak (Hobie Outback SUV, if you want to know, yellow like Sunshine) and really really wanted to try it out. We were ok with that, except that meant we would get in the water late and be out during the main heat of the day. You know, the time when people on the news say you really shouldn't be out doing things.

In any event, I gave her a basics of sailing lesson, we survived a gust of wind without capsizing or hitting each other, and had a moment of panic because no one knew where my mother was (safe on shore, actually). It was hot, it was tiring, and we made plans for Tuesday!