Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nice Try

We tried to sail last night. Believe it or not, we did!

The rain was coming down all through our drive, and we only got to the dock at 1815 or so (Captain likes to leave at 1800). The racers were discussing the rain on the radio, and the race committee decided to start the race slightly delayed (not enough to make any difference, really). So, at around 1830, we headed out. It takes us 30 minutes or so to just get out of the harbor.

As we were on our way, a big black cloud was approaching from the southwest (that's where land is, by the way. East is open Bay, west: land, south: more land, north: up the Bay towards Baltimore). They radio was still talking about start time, but there was lightening in that cloud.

As the wall of rain approached, the race committee decided to abandon the race. GREAT!! Now you tell us, when we're already out of the safety of the harbor!! The rain came fast, and poured. We had a 45° heel on bare poles!! Captain ordered me to stay below, where I had gone to better hear the radio. No problem! I came out of that pretty dry, if a little queasy.

Maybe next time they'll tell us the race is cancelled before we leave the slip!

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