Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm Going to Idaho!

Before you think I'm mad, let me explain.

I frequent an online 'New Age' shop and forum that's based in Boise. A random google search for ritual robes brought me there almost a year ago. The atmosphere of this place (if a website can have an atmosphere, and I think it can) is so very inviting, welcoming, comforting. You can tell the couple who own and run it work hard for that. If I could single-handedly make their business a total success, I would do it. Well, I can't move out of my parent's house, so you can imagine how well that last bit works out.

On the weekend of the 29th of this month, there is a local-to-Boise festival called Goddess Fest, which these two strangers who have somehow by their very nature become friends will have a booth. I got this crazy idea a few months ago, that while I can't buy them out in my attempt at support, I might be able to offer something that would help bring other people in (to subsequently buy them out, get it?). This perfect plan might not work at all, but they're open to it. So I'll pack up some clothes and my Reiki-tuned hands and make my way to Idaho. If nothing else out of this venture, I get a much needed vacation in the company of two people whom I would very much like to meet outside of the virtual realm. And maybe my Renaissance Festival and retail experience would help out a bit too.

While the fact that no one in my office knows what's in Idaho other than potatoes (do you remember that commercial? "Yo ho, I'm from Idaho!"), everyone seems to agree that I really need to get to some place that's away. I don't care how expensive the plane tickets are. What?? 3 stops?? In California?? Ok, I care a bit about how expensive the plane tickets are. But I don't care if I come home with something due on my previously paid-off credit card and no extra cash to handle it. RenFaire season is almost upon us anyway.

And I'm so excited about Idaho!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

You have been the most incredible guest that we have ever housed and Glen and I are already working on ways to get you back here. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Love, Willow

Fyrecreek said...

Plot away and let me know how it goes! I enjoyed being with you both so much!