Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Of All The Blazin'....!

It's one of those days. I usually work my tail off but haven't been today (very rough morning). So my supervisor came over to ask if I was having trouble finding things (my supervisor has access to the same e-mail alias I have where all my work comes from and is sent when completed). For all my wonderful supervisor knew, I was finding lots of other things to update and therefore slowing down. That wasn't the case, but that's not the point. Of all the days to complain about my speed, why today?

Last night, I spent hours messing with my geocities site. Take a visit and tell me what you think!
And the July archive is up and atom, or something. (I admit, that's a reference only I will get.)

Oh, and just wait! I think I found a program that will help me create animated .gif's! (you know, like the little beating drum on my geocities page.) You're going to see flashing, sparkling, moving images of mine before you know it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Saturday, November 26, 2005

What To Say

Now that I'm here, I don't remember what I wanted to tell you about!

I hope everyone had some yummy turkey for those who eat turkey this time of year. For those who don't, get some turkey and celebrate with us anyway! This time, the turkey was NOT for the centerpiece! (there's another reference some of you should get.)

Today, I bought a snowboard (and bindings and boots). I don't have it in my possession yet, it should be ready by Wednesday. Snowboarding, for those who don't know, is a sport that is avoided by people who love extreme sports. This year, I won't have one of those horrid rental boards that are nearly impossible to get out of. I've also been told that the first experience is the worst, so maybe it will be better, or at least a little less painful, with my own board. I think I'm a little insane to be agreeing to do this again, and making a monetary investment in it! By the way, there are only a handful of EMS stores that carry snowboards at their location, and my local EMS is not one of them. I had to go all the way to Waldorf and a special ski shop to find all I needed and knowledgeable staff to help me out. Three cheers for Owen's Ski and Sport. (EMS did have the snowshoes I wanted, and they're nifty! I can't wait to try them out! We'd better get some snow this year!)

And we long to see the City of Annapolis recover quickly from it's very hot November day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Clearly Not Keeping Up!

Well, I said it would be sporatic for a while (not to mention it's the holidays, how much blog time do you expect me to have?) Why do people say 'not to mention' and then go on to mention it anyway, like I just did? But I digress!

Let's see, this weekend was shopping, last minute lunch date, more shopping, and a whole lot of walking.

I've been back to the regular stuff at work, I'm very happy about it. Now if only I'd stop blogging and get to work.....

I ordered the rain away last night, but it didn't listen. I didn't get tickets to meet Tai Shan, but he'll be there for a few more years yet, and there's always the web cam! Did you hear that some blood-thirsty little so-and-so's are trying to sell their free tickets on e-Bay!?! The National Zoo has said they will be checking IDs, so hopefully there aren't any people who would waste their money like that.

A friend of mine has confirmed that you CAN add comments without having an account with this service of your own! Thanks, Fox!
And yes, some people were laughing. And no, I had no idea it was showing to you that way! Maybe when I get the archive done you can actually go back and read without killing your eyes or anything!

Tomorrow, I get off of work early (I hope!) and will trek on down to EMS to partake in their snowshoe and snowboard sale. I went snowboarding for the first time last year and was literally sore in every muscle in my body (and I mean literally; my eyelids, my tongue, my fingers, and the usual places like arms, abs, and back) and my friend insists I will have a better time of it on my own board. I think I like pain.... Snowshoes are something I've wanted since visiting my aunt in Utah a few years ago. And we've heard that there should be more snow this year than has been in the past (as long as the office knows I won't be in if it's snowing, this isn't much of a problem)!

How's that for an update? =) And... June archive is up! 5 months to go!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

HP 4: The Goblet of Fire

If you haven't seen it yet and you're keeping up with the films/books/both, get ye to a movie theater pronto!

This was very well done, with dark and scary parts (even though most of the people watching, including myself, had already read the book and knew what was going to happen) fantastic effects and the stirring music I've come to expect. There was no appearance of Gary Oldman (pooh!) but his voice was used at least.

I will say no more, my mom and I are making plans to see it again soon. Like, maybe Wednesday.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Kamikaze Birds

I was having a fine day, with only a slight headache, until this big black bird divebombed my window and left it's bodily fluids splattered across the glass. Now, it's grown to an all out migraine and they probably won't wash the windows for a while.

I know you're laughing right now, but this really disturbed me. The birds had been hitting the windows all morning, but this one came in faster than the others, hit with a loud thud that made me scream (which isn't often an easy thing to do) and left it's poor little bird innards on the window. The birds seemed to have stopped once it splattered itself to its doom.
The poor bird didn't know it was a window and didn't expect to hit anything. I wish it had just hit the window not quite so hard, then it would be ok. Stop laughing, it's not funny, it's very sad. A poor little bird life gone because the sun was shining on glass.

In other news, I got back to my regular work today (yay!) and was working quite well until the bird brain bits came to be on the window.

I'm off to home, dinner, nap, and then my 2230 viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Catching Up

Well, you've been without my thoughts for a whole week. How does that make you feel? Out of touch? Like you have no idea what's going on? That's ok, I'll try to catch you up!

Let's see... We took the kayaks out for about 4 hours on Sunday, this one probably will be the last time. We went down Mattaponi Creek again and had lunch at the observation tower. I never really thought about the flora of the wetlands turning brown and dying with the leaves on the trees, but it does! It was quite a sight, we could actually see the true shores of the river and creeks (mostly). It is just as beautiful in the Autumn as it is in the Summer.

At work, the headaches ensue! They've been telling my new cubby buddy and I that we were getting new computers. They were saying so for about 3 weeks. It finally happened on Monday (and there was much rejoicing). But nothing makes a flawless transition, you see. We have learned that the new version of Microsoft Word 2003 is not compatible with the tables created in the old version of Word 2000 that everyone was using. This means that the normal work I do that I really enjoy cannot be done, because I can no longer open the files. Finally, this morning, I was able to convince them to put Office 2000 back on my computer (despite IT department protests) so I'm back in business once again.
The headache came from my wonderful supervisor (today, we'll call them Sup) who threw a little hissy fit to everyone who would listen after I left for the day. "Airyn should have done this, Airyn wasn't doing that." my ITGuy kept saying it was a technical problem within the Microsoft software, and there was nothing anyone could have done differently to make it not happen. That didn't save Sup from being PO'ed.

And even being back in business after a good several hours of waiting for ITGuy to reinstall the proper program (he first picked the wrong one, and then I didn't even have e-mail!), I'm still doing 'busy work.' (Busy work is what we called it at the pharmacy. It's work they give you to keep you busy when there's really something else they'd rather you be doing. )

I've begun adding old posts to the archive here, it's a long copy/paste project (the timestamp may not be correct). Soon, all the new readers will be able to pick up my story!

The May archive is complete! 6 more months to go!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Well, Here's the New Place!

Don't forget to tell me what you think of it, friends!

For those just joining us, I've been blogging on myblogsite for about 7 months. While it was a nice little blog-home for the depths of the FyreCreek, it did have a tendency to attract bugs into my pond. As it stands, the powers that be(tm) have decided myblogsite was too sick to survive (and what is that from?) and so I have come here, searching for a new place to dredge my lakes, creeks and ponds and leave them free of the sludge of my days.

To those who have been with me and myblogsite for some time, we'll learn this new place together! (and I am working on transferring 7 months of archive, I'll let you know if it works!)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sad News

Dear friends,

I have just been informed that this mostly decent free blog site will no longer be hosting blogs as of November 30. I will start extensively blog-saving tonight so that I may replace everything when I find a new blog site. I don't know how I'll keep everyone up to date until then. I guess you'll just have to e-mail me for the low-down!

Thanks for staying with me! I've got a few places in mind already!

~ Fyrecreek

[And thus completes the Archive!]

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Brunch and 'Yak

So was the plan, and so we did.

First, I walked about a mile and a half or so with my parents to meet our group for brunch. Then I walked back that mile and half or so. Then we drove to the park and put the kayaks in the water, it was either 1300 or 1400, I don't really remember! We were out for about two or three hours, went along some of the back creeks and down Ego Alley and back. It was a great day to be out. The water was a little chilly and the sun was bright and the sailboats were everywhere, but other than that, it was perfect! We didn't even have time to wash the kayaks like we usually do. It's all about washing us and getting to bed!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun

Well, not really, but my mother and I did drive down to Solomon's Island with my aunt today. And it was a nice sunny day. My uncle might have to come here to work for a few years, so we were scouting the place out. It would be nice to have them so close, even if just for a little while. It's very quaint.

Tomorrow will prove to be a busy day too!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Let's Try This Again

Well, I used my day off yesterday to do another two-day liquid detox diet. Once again, I'm having a tough time at work. Work is boring, people tend to eat when bored, I can't eat! It'll all be over soon.....

It's really not that bad, only when I'm at work. I feel pretty good, and I'm not starving or anything. I don't seem to be doing this monthly like they recommend, but that's ok. I need at least one day while I'm not at work!

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a very nice breakfast!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Had a Great Night

But that's all you get to hear about it.

I finally finished my work and am ready to move on.

I took off today so that I can take a house-to-myself rest. I don't think my parents realize how hard it is for me to never have any time alone, and I spend so much time with them. Don't get me wrong, I love that I can call them friends, but alone time is good!

That's the way it is.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Keep Your Leftovers Away From Me!!

Of course, what better place to unload all your leftover candy than to bring it to the office?

I don't eat a lot of candy, and now I'm surrounded by it! I'm never going to unload these extra pounds if people keep throwing candy at me! I've thrown away whatever it was that we had left. I don't need it, I didn't buy it for me, it does me no good to have it.

I know, no one is forcing it down my throat, but I can't let poor innocent candy die unwanted! YES I CAN!! I DON'T NEED IT!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Have Nothing to Say

Nothing of interest happend today! I've been working very slow lately, I think it's just time of year. That's about it. The local Target only had 4 copies of SW3 and they were all full screen! We'll stop by another place today before I resort to ordering it online.

There, that's about it.