Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Clearly Not Keeping Up!

Well, I said it would be sporatic for a while (not to mention it's the holidays, how much blog time do you expect me to have?) Why do people say 'not to mention' and then go on to mention it anyway, like I just did? But I digress!

Let's see, this weekend was shopping, last minute lunch date, more shopping, and a whole lot of walking.

I've been back to the regular stuff at work, I'm very happy about it. Now if only I'd stop blogging and get to work.....

I ordered the rain away last night, but it didn't listen. I didn't get tickets to meet Tai Shan, but he'll be there for a few more years yet, and there's always the web cam! Did you hear that some blood-thirsty little so-and-so's are trying to sell their free tickets on e-Bay!?! The National Zoo has said they will be checking IDs, so hopefully there aren't any people who would waste their money like that.

A friend of mine has confirmed that you CAN add comments without having an account with this service of your own! Thanks, Fox!
And yes, some people were laughing. And no, I had no idea it was showing to you that way! Maybe when I get the archive done you can actually go back and read without killing your eyes or anything!

Tomorrow, I get off of work early (I hope!) and will trek on down to EMS to partake in their snowshoe and snowboard sale. I went snowboarding for the first time last year and was literally sore in every muscle in my body (and I mean literally; my eyelids, my tongue, my fingers, and the usual places like arms, abs, and back) and my friend insists I will have a better time of it on my own board. I think I like pain.... Snowshoes are something I've wanted since visiting my aunt in Utah a few years ago. And we've heard that there should be more snow this year than has been in the past (as long as the office knows I won't be in if it's snowing, this isn't much of a problem)!

How's that for an update? =) And... June archive is up! 5 months to go!

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