Sunday, July 31, 2005

I Just Flew In...

And, boy, are my arms tired! Ok, well, it's not from flying (though you could describe it like that), but from paddling!

Our friends were supposed to join my parents and I this morning, and we wanted to start early, but one was struck with a migraine (and I know first-hand that they're icky!) so we started without them, around 1030. We put in at Selby's Landing south of Jug Bay again, but this time went across the bend in the river to a little waterway called Lyons Creek. It was nice, but there were houses and docks lining the creek, so it was less of an escape. By about 1200, we were heading back towards the river and my friend called to say they were here! Yippie! We met them at the mouth of Mattaponi Creek and went all the way down to the landing by the bridge before eating lunch. My mother and I were pretty thoroughly exhausted. (Lyons Creek was very shallow and I couldn't use my foot pedals, and remember, my arms are starting out tired). Eating helped us and we paddled back to the landing, around 1600.

You heard right, 5.5 hours out there! That's the longest we've gone so far! My mother and I agree that we don't want to go some place were we can't land and stretch a bit. I'm glad we were out that long though, because it helps build stamina. I'm not saying I plan to hit a 10 hour paddle any time soon or anything! We calculate we probably went about 9 miles. Next time, I want to do that when I'm not sore from lots of swimming!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

In store today was a party at the home of some RenFaire friends who, you guessed it, had a pool!

By now, you've seen I have an interest in a few water sports, so maybe it doesn't come as a shock to you that I love swimming! I learned in my aunt's pool in California when I was very young, and knew enough from being self-taught to make Varsity Swim Team in High School. Did I mention I like swimming?

I was in the (heated) pool a lot today! Jumped in when my friend turned on the grill in a very Tim-The-Toolman way, got out and ate, jumped back in, got out and ate some more, jumped back in. By now, it was pretty late, so I changed clothes as if I wasn't going back in. The sun went down, the pool lights came on, and I had to get back in!

We're planning a long paddle tomorrow, and I know my arms are going to be screaming after that rigorous game of water-volleyball. It was a great night, though! And Faire starts back up again soon!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

I Know It's Bed Time!

I just had to say, you know that package I've been waiting for? It came yesterday, and it's just what I wanted, and I'll be happy to order again (and this time I'm prepared for how long it takes).

I worked harder than anyone should ever work on a Friday, so I think I've earned bedtime. I got the extra work done, and as soon as that's back, I'll get to the real stuff. (for those of you who think this is cryptic, it is!)

New things are coming up on my webstore in the coming month. 2006 calendars, a light switch cover, and *gasp* stamps! Keep your eyes open (link to the right -->), new things go up all the time! Support my store! Keep helping me justify the expensive design programs I bought!

Did you know it's ok to post comments below? There's a handy 'Leave Comment' link just for that purpose! I think you might have to have a free reader account with myblogsite to do so, but I just wanted you to know it's ok! And don't stay up too late!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thou Shalt Not Pass!

GAH! This morning has been the morning from purgatory! (I'm not saying from hell, because I know a few things that could have made it much worse, but it was pretty bad.)

The day started at 0300 or so, quite a bit earlier than normally. If you live inside a building of any kind (and I hope all of you, gentle readers, do!), you know that there are certain ambient noises that you have grown accustomed to. While the noises themselves are no longer noticed by you, the lack of such noises is cause for concern. I was prematurely awakened by the sounds that my house did not make. That's right, that means the power was out (which made no sense, because all the storms came through last night, not this morning!). My mother was waking everyone in the house up so that we all knew the alarms wouldn't be going off in an hour. After about 30-45 minutes, it came back, so I reset my clock and tried to take another 30 minutes of sleep. I heard my mother get in the car and go to work, then I wondered why I heard the front door open and shut twice.

While I was exercising, my mother announced that she was still home because the driver's side windshield wiper flew off her car (not just the blade, the whole wiper). Then we heard there was an accident on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, which is, you guessed it, the way I normally take to work. It's usually in enough traffic without an accident! I pushed my dad to leave the house sooner so we had time to go around it (not an easy feat; leaving sooner or going around the accident).

Well, we didn't really leave as early as I wanted to, have been wanting to, and I was attacked by a spider web that was between my car and a tree. A really big, really sticky one. So, off we go, not to the Wilson Bridge, but towards the Southeast/Southwest Freeway to go through town. Guess what? There was an accident on the 11th Street Bridge in that direction. So, we decided to take South Capitol Street to get to the other end of the Freeway. Not done yet! The traffic lights at the Douglas Bridge were not working. It was like Gandalf had drawn a line along the Potomac River and said, "You shall not pass!" When we finally got into Virginia, it wasn't so bad (1.45 hours later). I think it's redundant to say I was late to work, at this point.

And, to top it all off, we didn't sail last night! The race was canceled because of an impending storm that was supposed to hit right as we were scheduled to start the race. The storm did show up, albeit not quite at that time, so it's probably better we weren't out in it. We got to sit in the restaurant and mingle, though we stayed much later than I wanted to. I still got to bed around 2130, which isn't too bad.

Here's to a better drive home!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm Melting! Meellltiiinggg!

With heat and humidity making it feel like 110°F or more, it's easy to feel like you're melting! I can't wait to get to the boat today! I really hope it doesn't rain (although, the rain might feel really good).

Other than the oppressive heat and the fact that it's a glorious Wednesday and a friend is coming to sail with us, there's nothing to report today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I started my day feeling pretty good. I got up and exercised like I should be doing, and went to work feeling pretty energetic (as compared to other days, I'm not bouncing off the walls or anything). I even had my annual review this morning, and instead of worrying about it (there was no preparation to build me up to it anyway) I walked in bright and confident.

My review wasn't bad, I scored 3.4 out of 5, with average in most areas and above in the rest. And a 38 cent raise is coming my way this year. Yippie!

So, why say grumble?

Well, I'm suddenly feeling tired and my stomach is hurting. I placed an order with an online store on the 5th and haven't heard anything from them yet. This isn't encouraging, because shopping from the store supports something I'm involved in. I'll have to track down a calling card and call them about it, I guess.

In any event, I guess I'll go make some tea and get back to work or something. :P

Monday, July 25, 2005

Not Fair!

I still have to do those silly things that I don't like for the rest of the week!

This morning, I will be training a new employee to help her with her phone skills. I like doing this because it doesn't matter how much work I get done!

Did I tell you that my work still isn't done? They've added a new assignment that I must complete first, and it has added to my confusion. I hope to have this done in a few days, but even without EverQuest, I'm still a little pressed for time.

I asked for August 1st and 15th off last week, but haven't heard anything yet. I hope I know soon, so I can plan my days.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Waves Be Rolling!

It was so nice with the lower humidity this weekend. That's probably why we spent so much of it outside in the world.

We went to the Severn River in Annapolis today. We didn't get very far nor stay out very long, when you think about it, because the water was much less calm than what we're used to (specifically what my mother is used to). I think next week (weather permitting, of course), my friend's wife will be joining us again and we'll probably do something nice and calm like back to Jug Bay. Then we'll have to practice getting in from the water (you know, if you fall out, you'll want back in!), and my mother really doesn't want to do that. But we understand that it's necessary.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just Like the Bee

Let me tell you what we had in store today!

First, sailing! My Dad and I joined our captain for a weekend race. There was great wind (though it would have been nice if the course was a tad shorter) and I remembered to put on sunscreen, which is something we normally don't worry about in the evenings.

After that, it was off to the Nats' game. They played a great game, and won 4-2 over the Astros, breaking a bad losing streak! I hope we go to another game soon, it's really very fun.

Tomorrow, it's more 'yaking!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Wish It Were Mine

Today is one of my coworker's last days. I'm sorry that she's leaving (and going to Florida without me) but I'm happy that she's getting out.

I'm not completely happy here either, but it's impossible for me to find a new job. With this ghastly commute, I don't have time to go on interviews. Unless they are in the same regional area as the office, which will defeat the purpose.

Today is my last day as an EverQuest Guide. I am very sorry that I had to leave, but lack of sleep is getting to be a problem, and EQ is the only thing I could stand to stop doing right now (and that's barely, at best.). I might have the time to return in November when the Renaissance Festival is over, but we'll see.

Logging out last night was a very hard thing to do. I had wanted to be alone, but some of the others were online, and I think it was a little better that way.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

No Wind!!

A long course was set for the race last night. And then the wind died. I mean it, it died. We drifted across the finish line (under an incredibly bright Hay Moon), and then had to motor back, a long way, to the dock. It was 2230 or so when we finally got in. Talk about a long night!

I hope that doesn't repeat, because it is such a long way to the slip. But, a bad day sailing is better than a good day at work (and I'm not having one of those either!).

At least they gave me something that moves a little quicker today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nothing Like a Good Scream!

We've noticed a trend among Japanese remake movies. They're often about dead children who were abandoned and their spirits are now searching for a surrogate parent among the living (remember The Ring?).

That said, it was a pretty good flick that got a few honest to goodness screams out of us. That's about all I'm going to say, I think! (I will never get an apartment!!)

I did learn some sad news. My poor friend is selling his business and has called off his engagement. I can't really offer any type of encouragement or comfort, having been single for more years than I want to count and resigned to that fact. But it'll get better.

At least there is sailing tonight! (and more solicitations, *grumble*)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bleh Twice!

Did I mention that I don't like solicitations?

Tonight, my friend Monty and I are going to see Dark Water. It's been a long time since we've been able to do anything (Star Wars, actually, see May 19th in the archive.) The year is more than half over, and we've only seen each other twice. This cannot continue!!

In other news, I don't have as much time for EveryQuest as I used to. I'm having to leave the Guide Program (I don't know if I've ever talked about it here, but it's a wonderful community that I will miss dearly). This wasn't an easy decision as I've been involved for more than 4 years. Maybe I'll have the time to go back again. I hope so. I might actually play the game some more, though!

Did I mention that I don't like solicitations?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Well, Bleh!

I have just learned that I am to finish what I have in my inbox (riiight!) and then work on regular solicitations (what that means is that I will be calling merchants to verify information, what I was doing before the forms became my job). By the way, I don't like solicitations, because no one ever really wants to give you information anyway.

And besides, it's going to take me more than one day to finish what's currently in my inbox! Argh! On the bright side, new work won't be pouring in, their supervisors have to do it for the week.

Course, this means they will be complaining to me because everyone seems to like my method, and none of the supervisors follow it. But I guess that's a good thing.

"Don't be irreplaceable, because then you will never get promoted."

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Even In The Heat, Out We GO!

Ok, it was sweltering today! It was humid, it was muggy, just what I've come to expect. But, we still managed to strap up 4 kayaks and get them on the water. This was the first time I got to see how my new 'yak swims (she doesn't have a name yet).

We put in at the north end of Jug Bay, and went up the river instead of down. We stopped at Mt Calvert, a historical site, and continued up West Branch. We got tired pretty quickly (comparatively) because of the heat and got back after being out for about 3 hours. I actually towed Mom and Sunshine for a bit, to see how it went! That was fun! I spent most of the day learning the ways of my new fins.

Thunder was rolling while we were getting the 'yaks on the car. We got home and started soaping them down (this is the second time we've done that, and I like it! I bet the 'yaks do too!) and then it rained. It felt pretty good, actually.

I met up with an old friend for dinner and we made plans for Tuesday.

Sounds like a great day!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I know, I know, I have my book(s), why don't I read it?

Because of the book club that's reading Ancestors of Avalon right now! EEGGG!!

So, the party was really fun! I got to bust out my Quidditch Robes again (nagavitate to the posts to the right for my PhotoSite), and had a few photo-ops. There were cute little games and things to do, and about 100 books sold. Yippie!

So, my friend and I ran over to Backyard Boats this morning. I didn't tell you that I was looking at another kayak. Don't get me wrong, I love Sunshine to pieces. But, if I were to buy another kayak, my mother would inherit Sunshine, and then the problem of her not having her own would be solved!

We were looking at the Hobie Mirage Sport (yup, 'nother Hobie), and got a chance to drag it down to the water and try it out. This is the type that has the foot-pedal propulsion system (and can have a sail!!!) It's 7 inches longer, 1/2 an inch narrower, and 5 more pounds than the Lanai. The pedal system is peculiar if you look at it, but it really can get you moving! It's not good for sharp turns, but that's what the paddle is for. Speaking about turns, this sucker can about-pace super quick and with ease (and I thought the Lanai was good, this one is woah!).

So my friend went to work, and my parents and I went shopping (which is really to lunch). Then we had to go home and get the car kit because dad forgot parts of it. Then we left mom, and dad and I went back to Backyard Boats where I *GASP* bought the kayak!

I got it in white (with blue lettering), and the sail kit will come later. I love it, it's so cute! And with my leg muscles, I bet I could go pretty far peddling! I wanted to try to put it in the water today, but alas, I need a nap!

Friday, July 15, 2005

I Have to Ask

So, yesterday was July 14th. Am I the only one who went around reciting the line from ConAir, "I was born on July 14th, my daddy gets home on July 14th. I get to meet my daddy for the first time on July 14th!" (promptly followed by "make a move and the bunny gets it.")

Didn't think so. I knew I was a little wacko. (and I don't even know if that's the correct quote!)

E-mail systems came back yesterday, by the way. I'm still utterly swamped (THERE WERE 90 REQUESTS IN THERE!! 90!!), but I can take it. In all truth, 20 of those 90 I didn't have to do, 10 were done and 10 were responses, leaving me with 70. I can handle 70, but I'd really like to have 20 to start in the morning again.

Cheers for another near-24 hours awake day! It's Harry Potter Party Night! I hope you reserved!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sailing, Sailing, Over the Ocean Blue!

Well, more like the Bay Brown, but who's counting?

We had an incredibly short race last night (when I say short, I mean it! 30 minutes to get to the finish line!). There was hardly any wind, so a short course was set. Then BAM! with the sound of the start, the wind picked up, the lightening flashed all around (not over us or anything, just around) and thunder rolled in the distance. By the time we had finished the race and were going back to the slip, it got suddenly and noticably colder, and a big black cloud was headed our way.

Thankfully, the impending storm never came, and I didn't have to fret about being up late. How's that for a perfect end to a rotten day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh Fooey, I Burned the Darn Muffins

I am having a bad day.

Why am I having a bad day, you ask?

Well, I think I mentioned before that all of my work comes through my office e-mail account (we, like so many offices, use Microsoft Outlook). This morning, I came in to work and none of the applications I used to do my job worked. NONE. As in not one. Not Outlook, not the database program, nothing. They gave us some busy work to do while we waiting for things to get fixed. Finally, the applications came back up (not outlook, mind, but everything else). So they gave me some more busy work to do while we waited for Outlook to come back.

Meanwhile, the people who send me work were using the internet to access their Outlook addresses, so they could continue to SEND me work! My supervisor told me not to worry about them, because it would be difficult to use the web Outlook for what I have to do.

She was right. At noon, she gave in, and told me to work from web access. IT IS AWFUL! I can't open attachments (which all of my work is) without saving them to my computer first. I can't use keyboard shortcuts (like ALT S to send) to save time, I can't mark messages as read or not read as I need to (I use the system to track my daily work too), it takes 5 minutes to file the message when I'm done EVERY TIME, and I can never tell when a new message comes in because there's no notification unless it goes to my inbox (I've got folders and rules all over the place to organize my work).

I made it clear that I would be working very slow. It's infuriating. All I can say is we better have a stellar sail tonight, because no one will want to be around me tomorrow unless something good happens to my day! >:]

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Still Not Done

Dagnabit! I was so joyful at the prospect of sitting around and doing nothing last night, that's what I did! Which means, I didn't get my work done.

I am planning my resignation to EverQuest. I think we have a server meeting on Thursday, so that would be a good time to say something to them. It's a hard prospect to face, as I've been in it for so long, but a friend of mine said 'maybe something better is coming along.' He's right. It's time to move on.

I probably won't get my work done tonight either, because I'd like to put some more things up on my webstore. But it will be soon. I just need time with the computer and no distractions (no parents, no annoying telephone, no IM). Well, that's asking a lot, actually. That must be what I miss most about my retail position: I never have the house to myself anymore. In the meantime, GO TO MY WEBSTORE! GO SEE ALL THE GREAT STUFF!!

Today (shh, don't tell my boss), I found complete sets of burned DVDs of Voltron, Dungeons and Dragons (the cartoon series), and Bionic Six. How much does that rock? I've got to wait for the end of auction on Voltron, but D&D and Bionic 6 should be in the mail soon! Yippie! It's only a matter of time before Defenders of the Earth gets on that list. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

On that note, I'm outta here!

No. No. No. (still practicing!)

Monday, July 11, 2005

No. No. No.

So, I started reading one of the books I bought (as if I don't have enough to read with the book club and Harry Potter coming out this weekend). It's an interesting idea, Star Trek: The Next Generation meets The X-Men. It's got a good beginning, so I'll let you know how that works out!
Added to my plate of work (which I left home today), the 2 chapters of book club I have to read, the upcoming Harry book, and regular EverQuest duties, I hope I can finish this new story before Friday (when I'll be helping my friend at his store's Harry release party)! Not to mention that I haven't been sailing for 2 weeks because of this tiredness that's hanging over me!

There's not enough time in the day for everything. I don't even know if there will be time to kayak this weekend. I think I'm going to have to seriously cut back my activites.

It's a sad prospect, but I think EverQuest will be what goes. Since the server merge, Guiding hasn't been what I loved about it. And I don't play frequently enough to justify paying for the game. I've been involved with EverQuest for almost 5 years, it's so hard to take something like that and leave it behind. I think it is time. Or getting close to it. We'll see. I've met so many wonderful people there, and have such a great and wide network of friends. What will I do if I don't have those message boards to check everyday?

Get by, because we have to.

No. No. No. (still practicing!)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's All My Fault

I slept wonderfully, but didn't do half of what I wanted to do with my weekend. I easily could have told my friend to take me home when we woke up, but I didn't. We walked into town for brunch, then walked back and looked at some kayaks (I'm almost sold on the Hobie Mirage Sport, it could even have a sail!!). We took the loooonnng way back! But it was a nice walk and good exercise.

I didn't get into a kayak this weekend because I was so tired. I'm sure less con and more sleep would have changed that, but what can you do?! So we sat around the apartment while I read the few chapters (and some) for my book club. I didn't finish my work like I wanted to. I really really want to get that done this week. Tuesday, I'm thinking Tuesday. Something that should have taken 3 weeks is taking 4, and I'm not happy about that.

I just need a few mental health days, that probably won't come for a long time. I need to start saying no. I think I'll practice that...

No. No. No.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Would You Like Some Sleep With That?

I would!

Holy cow! I spent 23.75 hours awake on Friday, got 3.5 hours of sleep, and went back to the convention for a day that was so long it should have been Sunday.

There's not much to report, though. I was tucked into a corner behind a table full of books I never have and never will read, trying to convince strange people in alien costumes why they wanted to give me money to take a book home with them. We were surrounded by authors at a few points during the day, and they were a fun bunch of guys. Oh, and our table was right in front of the life-sized StarGate. That was pretty cool. A picture of me and some random guys in StarGate costumes in front of the thing was all I bought at the con (I'm not including the three books that I purchased at the store, two of which have autographs, that I probably won't read any time soon). Look for that picture on my website soon!

We then went back to the store and scanned in the inventory (I was taunted by the "keep sealed under penalty of painful curses" boxes of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and I stood at the register manually entering a handful of credit card sales receipts. I feel the need to point out that the process would have been easier under Rite Aid's system, but I got into the swing of it. Only 5 tickets couldn't be processed for lack of valid expiration date. Not too bad, really.

I will, however, continue to remind myself that, although my friend put me on his store's payroll for this event (and Harry Potter's release next week), my presence was a favor to a friend and not a command from a boss. There is a line that friends shouldn't cross, and I will be in a very desperate situation if I have to accept full-time employment from a friend who will become my direct supervisor. It's ok for favors, but if a friend becomes a boss, he/she then ceases to be a friend. That's just the way the world works (if you would like me to clarify why that is so, I can, as it's come up more than once). I am happy to help my friends if they should ask me to, but it is definitely on a limited basis, and I shall consider carefully if any of my friends who are in such a position to ask such things of me do so again. The more I do it, the less helpful it seems to become.

How about some much needed sleep?!

Friday, July 08, 2005

In For a Long Day!

So, at my friend's request, I am going to go with him to a Sci-Fi convention called Shore Leave where he will be selling books. I've only ever been to the popular anime convention Otakon, so I don't really know what to expect. I suppose it would help if I was in to the Science Fiction genre of entertainment (I like Star Trek with the best of them, but I don't dream about finding myself on board the Enterprise or anything).

I don't know much about what's going to happen there. I think we're setting up on Friday and we'll be back for the day Saturday, and I'm not sure about Sunday, but I know (from the website!) that the convention runs three days. We'll see!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

For London

I was going to come up with a sweet and heart-felt poem to offer a bit of comfort on this terrible day, but that wasn't working.

I can only say that my thoughts and prayers are with you in the wake of this tragedy.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back to Work

Three of the people who usually send me work were off yesterday, so one of the supervisors took up the slack.

ARUGH! He sent the same thing 4 times! And it was completed on Friday!! We later learned it was something wrong with his outlook system, but it was still infuriating! The problem caused 8 forms to be sent to me this morning that were already completed.

On the bright side, I didn't feel I had to rush through the day because there was not a lot coming in. I'm still behind on spreadsheets, though (did I mention that I hate those?).

I didn't finish my work last night, but I only have one more essay to do (and one to finalize). I really really hope I get it done, because I can't have it hanging over me this weekend.

I think I need to play the number 8 in the lottery or something. I've been wanting to type 8 all day. hm....

Oh, this is funny! I have a small bag of tumbled stones on my nightstand. I've been wanting to pick through them and try to identify what they are. I picked up a hair tie (I'll need it for sailing tonight) and put it on my bed. Then I picked up the bag of stones and put it on my bed, as if I'm going to have the time to sort through them at work! I realized I wouldn't, so I put the bag back on the nightstand, and picked up the hair tie. I went to the bathroom to turn off the nightlight and realized it was not the hair tie I had in my hand, but the bag of stones!

I can take a hint. I went back to get the hair tie off the nightstand and took the stones with me to work. I haven't had a chance to go through them (duh!), but something wanted me to bring them with me today. I wonder if I'll ever find out why....

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mattaponi Revisited

My friend brought his tandem down and we loaded it and Sunshine on the car, then packed him, my mother, and I into the car and met my dad at Selby's Landing for another day on Mattaponi Creek. I enjoyed it very much last time, and I was sure my mother would like it.

This time, we landed on shore and walked to an observation tower. The view was lovely; green vegitation and wetlands all around. We had lunch there before heading back down to the dam where we could paddle no further. I was able to smell the very roseyness of the Swamp Rose. It is such a pretty little flower. We put in around 1030 and came out around 1430 or so, with an hour for lunch in the middle. A nice day!

We came home and sent my friend on his way while my parents and I went out to dinner. We didn't want to be out very late, you see, because of the early moring waiting for us. It's not the first Independence Day we spent without fireworks, but the best one yet! (Ever notice how spending a day with my kayak is always a good day?!)

Here's to hoping I finish my work tonight!

Monday, July 04, 2005

One More Time!

Yesterday was the second to last RenFaireGroup Brunch. There will be one on the first Sunday in August, and then we'll see everyone for the joyous 9 weeks of the Maryland Renaissance Festival! HooRah!

We rode the Harbour Queen around the River after brunch too. It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon. They have a 2.5 hour lighthouse cruise that I would really like to do. I don't know if we'll be able to next month or not.

It is nice to know (and particularly for my friend who had this idea) that our monthy brunches were a success. It became something I looked forward to doing and I think, even though I'll be at Faire, I'll miss it until November when we start up again. (Much like Faire, that we miss from November to August!)

Happy Independence Day! We're hitting the water!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Paper Faces on Parade!

Oh, it was so fun!

The food was yummy, the music was great, and it is really really hard to dance in a hoop skirt! One of the feathers on my mask gave up the ghost towards the end of the night, but other than that, I had it on for the whole evening.

My father and I were joined by four friends. We are excited about going again next year. I wonder what the theme will be. This was the second Ball that Team Wench put on, with a Through the Looking Glass theme. (The first was Midsummer Night's Dream). We'll start thinking of costumes when they announce the theme.

I think I will make a doll to donate to their raffle table. Someone might like that. It's something to think about, anyway, and a very good cause.

I'm going to bed now!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Prep Time!

The MS Fantasy Ball is tonight! My mask is finished, my back-up dress will work, all I need is a nap!

I'm not joking, I'm really going to take a nap. The ball is from 2000 to 0100, that means late dinner and late night. I've got about 2 hours before I must get ready and then go help a friend get ready. I think we're going to have such fun! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Dark and Brooding

That's how the People Magazine Entertainment Guru described Batman Begins. She didn't like it because it was dark and brooding.

So, what movie do you think she was expecting? Happy Little Elves?? I mean, the story of Batman is dark and brooding! He gets his start after the murder of his parents! That's not a happy movie!!

I liked it, I think I'll call it my favorite of all the Batman movies so far. There was a scene where Batman is taking out some thugs in the shadows. The theater was completely quiet, and we see a thug pulled into a dark room suddenly. At that time, a little girl gasped! It was terribly funny!

Mind you, this is not the kind of movie you want to take your children to see. It is, after all, dark and brooding.

And yep, I went to the movie with my parents and therefore did not stay home and rest.