Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

In store today was a party at the home of some RenFaire friends who, you guessed it, had a pool!

By now, you've seen I have an interest in a few water sports, so maybe it doesn't come as a shock to you that I love swimming! I learned in my aunt's pool in California when I was very young, and knew enough from being self-taught to make Varsity Swim Team in High School. Did I mention I like swimming?

I was in the (heated) pool a lot today! Jumped in when my friend turned on the grill in a very Tim-The-Toolman way, got out and ate, jumped back in, got out and ate some more, jumped back in. By now, it was pretty late, so I changed clothes as if I wasn't going back in. The sun went down, the pool lights came on, and I had to get back in!

We're planning a long paddle tomorrow, and I know my arms are going to be screaming after that rigorous game of water-volleyball. It was a great night, though! And Faire starts back up again soon!!