Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back to Work

Three of the people who usually send me work were off yesterday, so one of the supervisors took up the slack.

ARUGH! He sent the same thing 4 times! And it was completed on Friday!! We later learned it was something wrong with his outlook system, but it was still infuriating! The problem caused 8 forms to be sent to me this morning that were already completed.

On the bright side, I didn't feel I had to rush through the day because there was not a lot coming in. I'm still behind on spreadsheets, though (did I mention that I hate those?).

I didn't finish my work last night, but I only have one more essay to do (and one to finalize). I really really hope I get it done, because I can't have it hanging over me this weekend.

I think I need to play the number 8 in the lottery or something. I've been wanting to type 8 all day. hm....

Oh, this is funny! I have a small bag of tumbled stones on my nightstand. I've been wanting to pick through them and try to identify what they are. I picked up a hair tie (I'll need it for sailing tonight) and put it on my bed. Then I picked up the bag of stones and put it on my bed, as if I'm going to have the time to sort through them at work! I realized I wouldn't, so I put the bag back on the nightstand, and picked up the hair tie. I went to the bathroom to turn off the nightlight and realized it was not the hair tie I had in my hand, but the bag of stones!

I can take a hint. I went back to get the hair tie off the nightstand and took the stones with me to work. I haven't had a chance to go through them (duh!), but something wanted me to bring them with me today. I wonder if I'll ever find out why....