Saturday, July 16, 2005


I know, I know, I have my book(s), why don't I read it?

Because of the book club that's reading Ancestors of Avalon right now! EEGGG!!

So, the party was really fun! I got to bust out my Quidditch Robes again (nagavitate to the posts to the right for my PhotoSite), and had a few photo-ops. There were cute little games and things to do, and about 100 books sold. Yippie!

So, my friend and I ran over to Backyard Boats this morning. I didn't tell you that I was looking at another kayak. Don't get me wrong, I love Sunshine to pieces. But, if I were to buy another kayak, my mother would inherit Sunshine, and then the problem of her not having her own would be solved!

We were looking at the Hobie Mirage Sport (yup, 'nother Hobie), and got a chance to drag it down to the water and try it out. This is the type that has the foot-pedal propulsion system (and can have a sail!!!) It's 7 inches longer, 1/2 an inch narrower, and 5 more pounds than the Lanai. The pedal system is peculiar if you look at it, but it really can get you moving! It's not good for sharp turns, but that's what the paddle is for. Speaking about turns, this sucker can about-pace super quick and with ease (and I thought the Lanai was good, this one is woah!).

So my friend went to work, and my parents and I went shopping (which is really to lunch). Then we had to go home and get the car kit because dad forgot parts of it. Then we left mom, and dad and I went back to Backyard Boats where I *GASP* bought the kayak!

I got it in white (with blue lettering), and the sail kit will come later. I love it, it's so cute! And with my leg muscles, I bet I could go pretty far peddling! I wanted to try to put it in the water today, but alas, I need a nap!