Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mattaponi Revisited

My friend brought his tandem down and we loaded it and Sunshine on the car, then packed him, my mother, and I into the car and met my dad at Selby's Landing for another day on Mattaponi Creek. I enjoyed it very much last time, and I was sure my mother would like it.

This time, we landed on shore and walked to an observation tower. The view was lovely; green vegitation and wetlands all around. We had lunch there before heading back down to the dam where we could paddle no further. I was able to smell the very roseyness of the Swamp Rose. It is such a pretty little flower. We put in around 1030 and came out around 1430 or so, with an hour for lunch in the middle. A nice day!

We came home and sent my friend on his way while my parents and I went out to dinner. We didn't want to be out very late, you see, because of the early moring waiting for us. It's not the first Independence Day we spent without fireworks, but the best one yet! (Ever notice how spending a day with my kayak is always a good day?!)

Here's to hoping I finish my work tonight!