Friday, July 15, 2005

I Have to Ask

So, yesterday was July 14th. Am I the only one who went around reciting the line from ConAir, "I was born on July 14th, my daddy gets home on July 14th. I get to meet my daddy for the first time on July 14th!" (promptly followed by "make a move and the bunny gets it.")

Didn't think so. I knew I was a little wacko. (and I don't even know if that's the correct quote!)

E-mail systems came back yesterday, by the way. I'm still utterly swamped (THERE WERE 90 REQUESTS IN THERE!! 90!!), but I can take it. In all truth, 20 of those 90 I didn't have to do, 10 were done and 10 were responses, leaving me with 70. I can handle 70, but I'd really like to have 20 to start in the morning again.

Cheers for another near-24 hours awake day! It's Harry Potter Party Night! I hope you reserved!