Monday, July 11, 2005

No. No. No.

So, I started reading one of the books I bought (as if I don't have enough to read with the book club and Harry Potter coming out this weekend). It's an interesting idea, Star Trek: The Next Generation meets The X-Men. It's got a good beginning, so I'll let you know how that works out!
Added to my plate of work (which I left home today), the 2 chapters of book club I have to read, the upcoming Harry book, and regular EverQuest duties, I hope I can finish this new story before Friday (when I'll be helping my friend at his store's Harry release party)! Not to mention that I haven't been sailing for 2 weeks because of this tiredness that's hanging over me!

There's not enough time in the day for everything. I don't even know if there will be time to kayak this weekend. I think I'm going to have to seriously cut back my activites.

It's a sad prospect, but I think EverQuest will be what goes. Since the server merge, Guiding hasn't been what I loved about it. And I don't play frequently enough to justify paying for the game. I've been involved with EverQuest for almost 5 years, it's so hard to take something like that and leave it behind. I think it is time. Or getting close to it. We'll see. I've met so many wonderful people there, and have such a great and wide network of friends. What will I do if I don't have those message boards to check everyday?

Get by, because we have to.

No. No. No. (still practicing!)