Sunday, July 17, 2005

Even In The Heat, Out We GO!

Ok, it was sweltering today! It was humid, it was muggy, just what I've come to expect. But, we still managed to strap up 4 kayaks and get them on the water. This was the first time I got to see how my new 'yak swims (she doesn't have a name yet).

We put in at the north end of Jug Bay, and went up the river instead of down. We stopped at Mt Calvert, a historical site, and continued up West Branch. We got tired pretty quickly (comparatively) because of the heat and got back after being out for about 3 hours. I actually towed Mom and Sunshine for a bit, to see how it went! That was fun! I spent most of the day learning the ways of my new fins.

Thunder was rolling while we were getting the 'yaks on the car. We got home and started soaping them down (this is the second time we've done that, and I like it! I bet the 'yaks do too!) and then it rained. It felt pretty good, actually.

I met up with an old friend for dinner and we made plans for Tuesday.

Sounds like a great day!