Friday, July 22, 2005

Wish It Were Mine

Today is one of my coworker's last days. I'm sorry that she's leaving (and going to Florida without me) but I'm happy that she's getting out.

I'm not completely happy here either, but it's impossible for me to find a new job. With this ghastly commute, I don't have time to go on interviews. Unless they are in the same regional area as the office, which will defeat the purpose.

Today is my last day as an EverQuest Guide. I am very sorry that I had to leave, but lack of sleep is getting to be a problem, and EQ is the only thing I could stand to stop doing right now (and that's barely, at best.). I might have the time to return in November when the Renaissance Festival is over, but we'll see.

Logging out last night was a very hard thing to do. I had wanted to be alone, but some of the others were online, and I think it was a little better that way.