Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Oh Fooey, I Burned the Darn Muffins

I am having a bad day.

Why am I having a bad day, you ask?

Well, I think I mentioned before that all of my work comes through my office e-mail account (we, like so many offices, use Microsoft Outlook). This morning, I came in to work and none of the applications I used to do my job worked. NONE. As in not one. Not Outlook, not the database program, nothing. They gave us some busy work to do while we waiting for things to get fixed. Finally, the applications came back up (not outlook, mind, but everything else). So they gave me some more busy work to do while we waited for Outlook to come back.

Meanwhile, the people who send me work were using the internet to access their Outlook addresses, so they could continue to SEND me work! My supervisor told me not to worry about them, because it would be difficult to use the web Outlook for what I have to do.

She was right. At noon, she gave in, and told me to work from web access. IT IS AWFUL! I can't open attachments (which all of my work is) without saving them to my computer first. I can't use keyboard shortcuts (like ALT S to send) to save time, I can't mark messages as read or not read as I need to (I use the system to track my daily work too), it takes 5 minutes to file the message when I'm done EVERY TIME, and I can never tell when a new message comes in because there's no notification unless it goes to my inbox (I've got folders and rules all over the place to organize my work).

I made it clear that I would be working very slow. It's infuriating. All I can say is we better have a stellar sail tonight, because no one will want to be around me tomorrow unless something good happens to my day! >:]