Saturday, July 09, 2005

Would You Like Some Sleep With That?

I would!

Holy cow! I spent 23.75 hours awake on Friday, got 3.5 hours of sleep, and went back to the convention for a day that was so long it should have been Sunday.

There's not much to report, though. I was tucked into a corner behind a table full of books I never have and never will read, trying to convince strange people in alien costumes why they wanted to give me money to take a book home with them. We were surrounded by authors at a few points during the day, and they were a fun bunch of guys. Oh, and our table was right in front of the life-sized StarGate. That was pretty cool. A picture of me and some random guys in StarGate costumes in front of the thing was all I bought at the con (I'm not including the three books that I purchased at the store, two of which have autographs, that I probably won't read any time soon). Look for that picture on my website soon!

We then went back to the store and scanned in the inventory (I was taunted by the "keep sealed under penalty of painful curses" boxes of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) and I stood at the register manually entering a handful of credit card sales receipts. I feel the need to point out that the process would have been easier under Rite Aid's system, but I got into the swing of it. Only 5 tickets couldn't be processed for lack of valid expiration date. Not too bad, really.

I will, however, continue to remind myself that, although my friend put me on his store's payroll for this event (and Harry Potter's release next week), my presence was a favor to a friend and not a command from a boss. There is a line that friends shouldn't cross, and I will be in a very desperate situation if I have to accept full-time employment from a friend who will become my direct supervisor. It's ok for favors, but if a friend becomes a boss, he/she then ceases to be a friend. That's just the way the world works (if you would like me to clarify why that is so, I can, as it's come up more than once). I am happy to help my friends if they should ask me to, but it is definitely on a limited basis, and I shall consider carefully if any of my friends who are in such a position to ask such things of me do so again. The more I do it, the less helpful it seems to become.

How about some much needed sleep?!