Friday, July 29, 2005

I Know It's Bed Time!

I just had to say, you know that package I've been waiting for? It came yesterday, and it's just what I wanted, and I'll be happy to order again (and this time I'm prepared for how long it takes).

I worked harder than anyone should ever work on a Friday, so I think I've earned bedtime. I got the extra work done, and as soon as that's back, I'll get to the real stuff. (for those of you who think this is cryptic, it is!)

New things are coming up on my webstore in the coming month. 2006 calendars, a light switch cover, and *gasp* stamps! Keep your eyes open (link to the right -->), new things go up all the time! Support my store! Keep helping me justify the expensive design programs I bought!

Did you know it's ok to post comments below? There's a handy 'Leave Comment' link just for that purpose! I think you might have to have a free reader account with myblogsite to do so, but I just wanted you to know it's ok! And don't stay up too late!