Saturday, April 11, 2009


Pat and I were talking about how hard is has been to focus on work lately. Wednesday was particularly bad for me. I was crazy swamped with work and just couldn't get my mind to set to any of it. I got the important things done, but some things had to wait. Pat was having that problem yesterday.

At first, I told him I couldn't focus too. It was somewhat true, but not nearly like it was on Wednesday. My mind was going all over the place. It was listening to the sounds around me, making plans for the weekend, doing work, folding star boxes, thinking about cooking, hoping LDS's doctor appointment goes well. Just all over the place. Lack of focus, surely, but my work was still getting done.

In fact, my work was getting done too well. By 1300, I only had a handful of things left to do. Work wasn't really coming in, and the critical stuff was done by 1100. No focus, but work got caught up in the general flightiness. That's ok, as long as the work gets done, right?!

I am certain it was from the few hours of sleep I've been getting. I was up late every night this week, and later on Wednesday and Thursday. That just made for a crazy, all over the place kind of Friday! Good think I got off of work a little early. It gave me time to take a little nap before visiting Monty.

I have more stuff to do today. I'm still quite tired.

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