Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drink More Water

When you have a fever, nothing will help you more than drinking water. Nothing. No. Thing.

Sure, sleep is nice. Chicken soup makes you feel better. Maybe even good ole acetaminophen will help bring those numbers down. But. You. Must. Drink. Water. Period.

If you don't, the high temperatures of your fever will cause you to dehydrate. When you get too dehydrated, your risk renal failure. And that equals some hours with an IV drip. For my dad, last night it was four, and two liters of life-sustaining fluids.

We took him back to the emergency after care clinic today for some more blood tests, so the doctors could determine if his kidneys started working again. To our relief, they had, though they were not yet completely doing what they should. He then had to withstand lectures from my mom and I about drinking water when you spend a few days with a fever of 102.

Everyone got that? If you have a fever, drink water. No excuse will be acceptable. Water. Drink it.

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