Tuesday, April 07, 2009


You may have gathered, gentle blog readers, that I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I need to get the whys all down so I can work through them. I know I can't keep going on like this for long.

Some of it was fretting about waking up in the morning because my alarm clocks (yes, more than one) had dead batteries. They've been replaced, so that's not it anymore.

Some of it is my unwillingness to turn off whatever game I happen to be playing and go to bed when I need to. Honestly, though, it's really not that often that a good game keeps me awake.

Some of it is just the usual stuff: the cat won't settle down, the roommates are *eh-hem* not sound asleep, my mind is racing with thoughts of all kinds. Maybe sometimes it's just that I had too much coffee.

I have had a lot on my mind lately. I'm still preparing to open my Etsy shop (soon™!) and I have a lot of work still to do on that. The ministry I've been working with is putting on a festival in May and I've been busy with thoughts of that, particularly now that we're into crunch time. I've been seeing someone for about a month. Though we haven't put a label or definition on our relationship, he's constantly showing me what a great guy he is and I very much enjoy the time we've been spending together. Admittedly, I think about that a lot. I've also been discussing with my roommates about renewing our lease for another year, and roommate now includes Phoenix's boyfriend, who will have to get a nickname soon.

I also worry about my income. The pay cut we had to take hit harder than even I thought it would. The list of things I need to purchase is getting longer since I keep putting them off for other bills (for example, new tires are next on my list but the credit card and computer and student loan still need to be paid). It was probably the wrong time to get the new laptop, given my situation. But, I can stay on top of it. I know I can. I just need to make do with everything else for a time. I do think I need to stop sacrificing groceries, though. Well, part of the problem with being so tired is that I don't have the brain for straightening out my budget in the evenings. That's a double-edge sword there.

My exercise routine has been sporadic at best for quite a few weeks. And, I've been drinking more coffee and less water. I know that plays a pretty large role in how well I sleep. I must say, I wanted to sit around when I got home from work yesterday, but I did forty-five minutes on the elliptical instead (and then took the evening to relax).

I need to go back to writing a to-do list. Maybe not daily, but certainly with all of these things stacking up, I need to keep the things I need to do in line.

So, today, there was talk of maybe going out for coffee. I'm happy to do that, but I think I'll go with decaf. I probably won't be that late getting home because it's just coffee and not dinner, so I'll devote that first three fourths of an hour to the elliptical. Then, I must hit the computer and look at my funds. The ministry needs to be paid for my part in the festival. Then, I'll see what I can put to tires. Those are the big things right now anyway.

If I get these worries and obligations out of the way and get my exercise back on track, I know that will improve things immensely.


Anonymous said...

Wait, wow. That was a lot of catchingup very quickly. You're dating? What's he like? IS he cute, does he treat you well?

Sorry, ok, I'm better.


Fyrecreek said...

Aly, I love you! Actually, sending you an e-mail has been on my list of things to do for ages. (I'm sorry, I'm terrible!)

He likes cars and football, cute is an understatement, and he treats me infinitely better than anyone who has ever even remotely had potential before.

Actually, that e-mail is going on tonight's list....