Friday, May 01, 2009

Fabric Fabric Everywhere

I know I've been saying my shop will open soon™ for a few months. I was hoping March, then I needed some supplies. I was hoping April, then I needed some more information for something. I am now hoping May, and likely when the last of my supplies comes in, I’ll be all set. Soon, I say again, soon!!

However, today I did a little bit of purchasing of things I have no idea what I'm going to do with them. It's mostly fabric, I'm getting half a yard of a print with mushrooms and pigs (how perfect is that?!), some mushrooms on ribbon, and I even found a full yard of gnome print fabric. I'm so excited!

The crazy thing is, since I really started diving in to piles of my little crocheted critters, they've just consumed everything. Things with gnomes and mushrooms and pigs catch my eye everywhere. And when I find them, I have to have them. I think Moon had a similar experience with her bunnies. What a strange world!

So, now, I've got some boxes that need to get here, a few things to make, and good pictures to take. I'm as almost ready as almost ready can be!

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