Sunday, May 17, 2009

Skip Some Chores

I ended up staying over at Monty's, though I hadn't planned on it, because it was just too late by the time our last movie was done and heading out for my hour drive home would not have been wise.

The first order of the day when I got home was a nap! I had quite a lot to do, but the laundry is all that really got done as far as my housework. That's ok, vacuuming and the other things can happen tomorrow.

I did manage to finish editing all of the product photos I took the other day. That took a while! They're not perfect (as in perfectly uniform in size) but I'm sure they'll showcase my critters well enough. The next batch of photos will be a little better.

With this part done, that means that I'll be able to open shop this week. Exciting!

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