Friday, May 15, 2009

Dreams of Waves

I was in a bungalow, the single large room had no roof but what extended a good ten feet from the surrounding pentagonal walls. Phoenix and Sunflyr were there, and our friend Crimson. I'm not sure why Crimson made his way into my dream, but it was him. In a long black skirt. He owned the bungalow. Dream knowledge told me his wife was at work.

In the center of the room was a mound of earth in a spiral design like the Glastonbury Tor. Great roots were tangled about it and the source of them was in the middle: a thick tree that towered into the sky. We walked the spiral of the hill. At one point, I did not go higher, because the earth looked unstable and I thought it would collapse and I would damage it. Still, we were high enough that we could see over the roof to the beach that was just a few feet away. The waves gently crashed. We went to bed for the night, under the protection of the roof part of the home.

I awoke to the loud sounds of crashing waves. Out the window, I could see Sunflyr standing on the beach as the waves broke just before him on the sand. The sunrise sky was a deep blue color with glowing orange and red clouds. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen. Crimson was standing on the mound, watching the waves. The water crashed loudly against the wall behind me, splashing the windows. Phoenix smiled and said "it's not supposed to do that."

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the waves, loud in my ears, and found sleep again.

There's a funny part to this. My alarm clock wakes me with nature sounds; the sound of a summer night, a babbling brook, ocean waves, a cascading waterfall, or a gathering storm. I change the sound every night when I turn the alarm on, so I'm not waking to the same sounds two days in a row. I've written the soothing sounds of my alarm into my dreams before. At the end of this dream, when my dreamself was going back to sleep, I woke up. The sound of the ocean was still in my mind, as clear as if I had spent hours on a windy shore. The alarm was not going off, I had woken up before it was set to do so. I let the sound from the dream lull me back to sleep, thinking it would be funny if the ocean was my alarm for the day and hoping I would wake up anyway if it was. It wasn't, it was the summer night sounds. And I heard the sounds of a thunderstorm coming from my roommates' room. There were no ocean sounds to be heard. But I heard them.

As clear as if I had spent hours on a windy shore.

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