Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Full Elf Moon

It's fitting in more ways than one that I spent this Esbat at Fertile Ground Gathering. Sure, we were celebrating Beltane a week late (the mundane world known as "park availability" got in the way, it will next year too) but we had some incredibly wonderful guests, including the unbelievably special John and Bridget from Fairy Woodland. Their presence, wisdom, and teachings were the most fitting for this Esbat than any other reason.

The Elf Moon is a time to communicate with the Fey. Many of them travel around the time of Beltane, and you can see them moving across the ley if you know where and how to look. One of John and Bridget's workshops taught us how to make a window for that purpose. Participants came away with their window and some special sand collected from a variety of places that provided the foundation of our windows, as it is the foundation of life. Two days prior, John gave me a stone that he had found on his walk. It appears to be quartz or calcite or a mixing of both and has been in my pocket since. I can't even begin to repeat the stories I'm hearing.

I learned much from them. Much about noticing the world. I always thought I was rather good at that, but it's truly amazing the things I've missed.

The order of the day did not have room for a ritual and no particular spells were needed. Instead, I spent the day (among my duties to Fertile Ground Gathering staff and patrons) listening, letting the Fey speak to me, hearing their songs as they calmed my fears and helped me open my eyes as my mind and heart were already opened. I left an offering of sweet fondant before retiring for the night.

I hope this Esbat found all of you, gentle readers, happy and willing to listen when the Fey have something to tell you.

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