Sunday, May 31, 2009

Been A While

I still can't believe it's been more than a year since Fox and I last went riding. We got a late reservation this time, the latest we've ever been out. We got there early for our 1600 scheduled ride, but the group was fourteen people so it took time to get us all set. I believe this was also the largest group we've ridden with. There were only two guides and I think they could have used a third in the middle of the column. We had to stop a few times to let the straggler and rear guide catch up.

I rode Mango, an amazingly light-colored chestnut mare. Her mane and tail were that bright fiery red color like Renée O'Connor's hair. Mango was a fitting name. She was a mellow enough horse, but she really hated walking in the mud. She would walk next to the trail (you know, where the trees are) to avoid walking in the mud.

Fox rode Dancer, a lovely cream-colored horse with a black patch on her face and intense blue eyes. Dance was good at following Mango, and didn't seem to mind so much when Mango broke the line and picked her own way around the mud.

There were more than a few people who seemed to claim to have more riding experience than they did. Either that, or more than one horse in the column who didn't like the mud!

We've been to this stable three times previously, but this was the first time we went through water. We crossed the stream and then spent a good time walking back through the stream. It was a hot day, and the last ride of the day so the horses were tired, so I bet the walk through the water was nice. Mango didn't seem to mind the water where she hated the mud. Dancer pranced through it, splashing my back as she went.

I had so much fun yesterday and I'm so glad we got the chance to ride. I think my roommates are up for going too, so hopefully it won't be so long between rides again.

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