Monday, June 01, 2009

Rolling By

As of yesterday, Phoenix and I have been in our condo for one year.

I've only been on my own, as in not living with my parents for one year. It somehow feels like much longer than that. I wonder if that means I've grown much in the past year.

A lot of things have happened, and not necessarily things that have never happened before. It was just the first time I had to deal with them without my parents' constant presence. There were times when I was glad I was on my own to deal with what was going on, and there were times when I wished my parents were closer to help me. Still, I'm glad to have experienced all of those times.

One year. A year ago, everything was unknown. Every day was a step into something new, until I started getting the hang of it.

How often can you say that you know exactly where you were a year ago? I know where I was literally, where I was emotionally.

One year. Life moves forward.

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