Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Am a Contradiction

I hate math. I'm not very good at calculations and equations. I've had a staggering amount of terrible math teachers through the years. I generalize that I hate math.

I do enjoy working through ciphers and probability statistics, which I studied in the one good math class I ever had. Much of my faith practice is based on Hermeticism, which is the beginnings of Sacred Geometry and Alchemy. Look at that, more math! I also enjoy metaphysics, which deals quite a bit in mathematics in the exploration of abstract objects, Platonism, and other similar, mathy things. And then there is quantum mechanics and the myriad of mathy things that go in that system.

I'm not a great philosopher, or physicist, or scientist. I just enjoy these things, mostly as casual reading but also, in terms of Hermetics, as spiritual growth. But, I hate math.

Mathematics, the philosophy of it and certain elements like geometry, are all underlying currents of things that I quite enjoy learning about.

Maybe I should pay more attention to math before I loose myself in another thought experiment.

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