Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Alert!

I'm on vacation! I have been since last Friday at 1500, really. Details.

Tomorrow, I will make a quick stop at the mechanic to take a look at what is causing the check engine light on my car to illuminate. Then it's pack and pack and pack!

On Thursday, dad and I will head to the kayak landing at Queen Anne. We kayak there a lot but this time, it will be a whole four days of kayaking, with camping in between. I'm so excited!

Since this is time spent on the water and camping, there will be no Internet and I will not risk my computer anyway. I'll see you when we get back!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Argh! I just put in my order for a little garden gnome! I guess I'll wait until you get back! I do hope you have a great vacation! Laurel