Saturday, June 06, 2009

I'm Syndicated!

I found myself on LiveJournal. I don't use LiveJournal for a reason that I won't go into. But, I'm there. See?

It took some digging to figure out how I got there. I'm pretty good with computers and the various systems used to keep in touch online, but I must say that I have no experience with feeds. I know they exist, and allow others to easily view content and updates, but that's about all I know. To the best of my understanding, someone who regularly uses LiveJournal decided it was easier to follow my Blogger updates by utilizing my feed.

I may not completely get it, but I will say: Neat! The only thing I don't quite like is that whoever is following from this feed is going to miss updates from my other blogs because the feed only syndicates posts, not all my links (which shows when blogs are updated, get it?). Of course, not everyone has an interest in all my blogs, but that's not the point!! Ah, well. It's still neat! It looks like it's been feeding since February, if I'm reading the info correct. It was chance that I found out about it at all.

Still, neat! I'm oddly giddy about this discovery. It makes me feel special! Thanks, LiveJournal readers who want to follow my updates even though I use a different venue!

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