Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Full Mirror Moon and Wishing Moon

I hope everyone had a fabulous Esbat!

This was called the Mirror Moon, it is a good time to focus on yourself and things within you that need changing or nurturing. It was also another Wishing Moon.

I feel I am in a near-constant state of personal reflection and growth, so I did not focus on that aspect of this Esbat. Perhaps, in a way, I did.

I have worked with the faerie realm since I was a child, before I even knew exactly what it was. Children have an intuitive knowledge about the world that most are taught to forget as they grow up. For a time, I did forget what I knew. When I came back to it, it was there as it always had been. When I remembered what I had been taught to forget, it was a revelation of my spiritual life.

I own two fairy houses, made by an unbelievable talented artist who captures the very essence of their realm in her work. The faerie plain exists at the same place as ours, but most people cannot see it. Children and animals can, and people with knowledge and open hearts can. The houses that this artist makes pull a piece of their realm into ours, like pulling a loop of thread through fabric. Their plain exists within those walls, and looking into a house is truly looking into their world.

This Esbat was spent in commune with the fae who dwell in my home, in the homes I have placed for them. One of them has been my companion for as long as I have the ability to remember. The other, I have yet to meet. That being will make him or herself known when they are ready. There are more than these two as well. It is comforting to know they can bring parts of their world into ours, I think.

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