Friday, July 09, 2010

The Keys

The previous owner of my house didn't have keys to the mail lock box. He didn't live there, you see, so he never had mail going there. A month ago yesterday, I ordered new locks (so that there would be keys so I can get to my mail) and my mail has been held at the annex for me to pick up since.

I was told that they had one person changing locks and he just got back from vacation so it would be two weeks or so for the new locks. I called after two weeks and they were not done. I called after three and four weeks and spoke to a lady who didn't even ask for my name or address to look it up and just said they were not done. How do you know??

I went to the annex to get my mail yesterday. I overheard the workers saying the lock-changing guy ran out of locks and the new supply was not delivered yet. Then they said he is going on vacation again! Then the wonderful lady called the main office, confirmed that my locks had indeed been changed and that my keys were there (even though I had been told that morning they were not done - by the lady who couldn't be bothered to look it up). They're having the keys brought to the annex so I can pick them up today. Yay!

I think I have reason to not be too impressed with the main post office for my zip code, but my mail actually gets delivered out of the annex and those people are wonderful. Thank you, helpful postal people!

I've been a Reiki Master and Teacher since 2006. I haven't actually taught anyone, though. No one has ever taken me up on the offer. I passed my first attunement to Fox last night. I've been working with him more recently, and he expressed wishing I could be there to treat his mother when they visit her next week. Though Reiki works just as effectively by distance and I would do it at his and her consent, I thought it would be better if Fox did it himself. More meaningful to him and to his mother, rather. So, I offered that instead. It took no internal debating on my part. I knew that it was time, and I'm glad I could do that for my friend.

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Thanks again, it meant alot.