Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Problem with Weekends

There is a problem with weekends, and it's not always that they're over too quickly. I tend to not drink enough water on weekends. This is particularly bad when my friends in Manassas are having a get-together. This is because I spend time cooking (today is a creamy brie bread sauce), then I spend hours with a bunch of wonderful people where the easiest thing to do is grab a Coke or two to nurse through the evening. It's not that water isn't available, just that a soda is simpler. It also doesn't help that the crowd tends to get rather large, and our collective IQ tends to drop quite a bit (it's just goofiness, really. For some reason, that place brings it out of almost all of us, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing). It makes for fun evenings, but often headache-inducing ones.

We're going to leave in a few minutes, and I already have a headache. I'm sure it's a lack of water thing, and probably a lack of food thing too. I did have breakfast, and what was left-over from the brie that I didn't need for my sauce, but not much else. We're going to have a feast tonight, and I'll need room to try everything, at the same time as not stuffing myself. There is a balance thing that needs to happen here.

I'll make an effort to drink water. Really!

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