Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carry On

This has been an exceptionally slow week. It feels like it took forever to get to Thursday. It should have been Thursday two days ago. It doesn't help that Phoenix has been nursing a cold and I woke up yesterday feeling exceptionally yucky. And maybe part of it is that I really need this week's paycheck.

My personal Gnome, who hasn't told me his name yet, and yes, I know I owe you pictures, is sitting on my desk right now, watching me with his happy green eyes. I don't think I'll leave him here, but I don't know. He has to come home for pictures anyway.

I realized something last night while working on my apron. It's that I'm really getting better with patterns. I had to make an adjustment on something that I didn't much like about the pattern and, while it wasn't complex, I feel proud of myself for having the confidence to make the alteration.

It's a lot like cooking. I've made several things where I had to stray from the recipe, and even some things that didn't involve a recipe at all. That kind of creating really feels me with a sense of accomplishment, just as being able to get an idea in my head and producing it in yarn does. I like being a maker.

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