Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dedication Moon

This full moon is so named because the energy is right for dedication. It was particularly appropriate for me and the purpose of my Esbat.

I will be starting a business venture in a month or so. In fact, it has already well begun. For years, I have been a crafter. I make everything from trinkets to toys, sculptures to spiritual tools, ornaments to jewelry. For years, many of my friends, family, and acquaintances have asked when/where/if I will sell the things I make. The time has come for me to heed their advice and open a shop. This is just a hobby, and I do not believe it would ever support me enough to quit my day-job. Even so, I still want to see it succeed in this economy and beyond.

I gathered some supplies, cast my circle, and lit a green candle for success. I burned a special, sweet-smelling success blend of incense. Within my circle, I made a necklace. It is beads of different sizes of unakite, strung and knotted on a cotton with a pewter clasp. Unakite is a very pretty stone with shades of green and coral. It is good for clearing the solar plexus chakra and balancing emotions as well as diffusing electromagnetic energy. It is very good at removing emotional blockages that may be holding you back. In all honesty, I chose to use this stone because I think it's pretty. This necklace will symbolize my undertaking, and my dedication to it.

The necklace remained on my altar through the night while the candle and incense burned out. I'm rather proud of the simple design, having incorporated the knotting techniques I use when making japa malas. In a month or two, I'll be ready to open my shop. It's exciting. I'm already working on several commissioned pieces. This feels like a great way to put my leisure hobby to good use.

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