Sunday, September 24, 2006

One Pooped Pirate

The end of Pirate weekend almost made up for those two days that I didn’t work. I love it when the day’s bonus is more than the day’s base wage! But that also means I’m really REALLY tired!

No, I didn’t get my shirt done. Of the four patterns I bought, I picked the hardest one to start out on! I did make a little vest from one of my patterns this morning, but I was defeated by the gods of Sears Kenmore, and had to do the important parts by hand and leave the hem unfinished. It looked just fine for a pirate costume, and I have a new, end-of-faire goal for the first shirt (granted we can fix the sewing machine by then!).

By the way, after the first week of October, any references to Adolf the supervisor will indicate a different person. Current Adolf is leaving, and will be replaced by a new one, who I’m not any more excited about having as a supervisor.

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