Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Truth Be Told

You know, I think variety is what keeps people liking their jobs. Here, they've given me some other work to do because my regular stuff is all done, and I'm ok doing it. I don't have an urge to sit around on the internet or anything like that (though it would still be nice). It's not so bad that I'm doing something different today. Actually, I'm doing something different of the entry-level variety, but still. Not so bad.

And speaking of truth, a friend of mine sent me an awesome quote from Benjamin Disraeli this morning. "Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for truth."

Well, I'm still not the happiest OBC worker around. I do wish I was home with my sweet kitties who seemed to like the company yesterday.

We have had Miss Luna for 2 years. It was a cold November when we first spotted a stray black kitty. I was very concerned about it, so started leaving cat food on the porch. One night, before I went to bed, I opened the door to see if anything was there, and a short-haired little black kitty was eating away. He looked up at me and backed away a little. He had white paws and a cute little white chin.

I didn't want him out in the world in Winter, so I set up the garage door to shut at the push of a button and put the food in there. I gradually moved it back further and further into the garage. I saw him in there once, and he ran out before I could hit the button. I saw him in there again, but there was something wrong with the door, and it bounced back open when I hit the button. But the food kept getting eaten.

On Thursday, December 9th 2004, my mother called me as I was driving home. "I caught the kitten!" she said. She told me she just peaked in there and saw its little ears and hit the button and the light came on and the door came down and the kitten was frantic. So, I went in to the garage to say hello (this probably wasn't such a good idea, there's so much junk in there!). The kitten was sitting on top of a barrel by the garage door watching me. When it saw that I saw it, it climbed up the door and sat on the roll track. Guess what? This was not the same kitten I had seen! This kitten was long-haired, and had a white crescent on her nose. Her fur was all matted and wiry.

She was the tiniest kitten I ever saw (that wasn't newborn, that is). She fit herself into a small space that I can't even describe, but we did manage to get her out of it and into a cage to go to the vet. Thankfully, our doctor pronounced her disease-free, and 6 months old! (judging by her size, everyone guessed something more like 6 weeks.) We moved her from the garage to my brother's closet. Then eventually to the room. Soon, she had run of the whole house.

This was the first truly wild feline I have ever come across. I worked with her several times a day; holding her and petting her and letting her get to know me. As she got comfortable, I stopped using gloves when I handled her, and she started taking care of herself. Her fur got all silky and soft, and she hasn't had a knot since.

That little cat is a little terror now. She claimed the house as her own, much to Callie's dismay. She runs for cover whenever strangers are around. She still plays like a kitten, and can be oh so sweet when she wants to be.

And what of that first kitten I saw? I had seen him about the neighborhood every now and again. But sadly, he met his end on the road about a month ago. I felt bad because I didn't save him. But relieved, because that could have been my sweet little Miss Luna.

Oh, now I really wish I was home hugging my kitties!

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Willow Goldentree said...

I know I've heard that story before but it still gets me misty eyed. Thank you so much for sharing that. And a big virtual hug to your kitties from ours. Or at least, I'll send the hug c/o our kitties because we actually know what might happen if they saw each other face-to-face. hehehe