Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in 8

I feared this week. I spent the weekend with my parents, my brother, and his wife for his birthday. I ate a lot of crap, there just came a point where I stopped tracking. I was afraid at what the scale would say. How much weight would I gain back after one dreadful weekend?

Thankfully, it wasn't much at all. Only 4 tenths of a pound. I can live with that!

So, this time I learned that it really helps to track what I eat. Even if I'm going outside of my daily points, even if I'm going outside of my weekly points, I need to pay attention to what I'm eating. I don't know why that works, really. I guess it holds me accountable. Maybe I'm less likely to eat crap if I keep counting the crap. I don't know, but that is what really works.

I'm also getting back into the realm of people who like to tell me they think I look fine (my roommates, in particular). That's great, and thank you, but if I'm not satisfied, you thinking that I am isn't going to help me. And still, I will maintain this is not about weight. This is about turning healthy choices into a habit. So far, the 12 lbs that I've lost have almost all been from adjusting what I eat. I haven't really been exercising to add to it. I'm feeling good, except for when I eat crap, so that must count for something.

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