Monday, June 07, 2010

Is Anyone Home


So, my team of people (including my crazy, fabulous Realtor, the attorney and title company people she works with, the loan officer and the owner of the mortgage company, the folks at FHA, and who knows who else) worked like crazy over Memorial Day weekend and the early part of last week to get everything in place by my new settlement date of last Thursday. We were even sitting at the settlement table waiting for the last of the paperwork to be faxed over. To make a long story short (and, trust me, it's long) everyone did what they needed to do and everyone got the information they needed to get and I signed a bunch of papers. Yay!!

Unpacking and getting things set up is a process that I really hope to have finished in a month. We'll see how that goes!

Moving brings with it other hassles. A Comcast guy came out on Saturday to hook me up with TV and Internet, but didn't stick around long enough to see that the modem isn't working. The soonest they can get someone else out to me is Thursday evening. It's really really hard to be without Internet! (And, by the bye, my Etsy store will remain closed until I can get an Internet connection at home, and my updates here will continue to be sporadic as well.) I'm slowly working through the list of businesses that need my new address, and I need to see about moving my business license to the new county. And, I don't have a key to the mailbox, the previous owner never had one because he didn't live there. I'm going to run by the nearest post office and see what I need to do about that today.

My to-do list is still a mile long!

Miss Luna is very uneasy. I hope she'll settle down soon, because I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep. I think she will. I think she'll really like being the only animal in the house. And she has plenty of spiders to eat. What more could a cat want?

So much to do! I will have a housewarming party (probably in July). Just wait till you see the cake I will bake!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations!!