Friday, February 18, 2011

Needs a Good Home

This is Skylar. He is a very sweet kitty currently in the care of LDS. Unfortunately, her landlord says they have too many cats. With the local shelter inundated with cats, we're all hitting up our networks to find Skylar a new home.

He's about a year old. He's very affectionate and will sit on your lap. He currently lives with four other cats, so there will be some adjusting if he's on his own but he can live with others too. We're looking for a fairly local person who might want a sweet, loveable guy. Unfortunately, the news came too late for me to take him. Let me know if you know anyone!

In other news, Phantom goes to the vet tomorrow! I hope he won't be the pain in the car that Miss Luna is. I think he'll be ok. It won't be for shots anyway. I do want to drive around with him a bit and see if I can get him used to the car. Some day he's going to have to come home with me and meet Buffy. I'm sure a time when my folks need to feed both cats will come!

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