Thursday, September 20, 2012

Something Totally Different

I did something new with my violin yesterday. I started playing with absolutely no music in front of me to read.

I've been asked before to bring my instrument to jam sessions and drum circles and I never have because I was taught on sheet music. How can I jam when I need to read the notation of whatever I'm playing (unless it was committed to memory, but I still had to read it at one point, so it's much the same thing)? I'm not a song writer, at all, and that makes me really limited in what I can play- limited to things that someone else has written, on paper that is in front of me that I can read.

So, last night I just pulled out my instrument, picked a key and started playing. I kept it moving and just let my fingers find the notes to play. It was so fun! I feel really accomplished at being able to free play my violin. I’m going to work more with this. Lots lots more. Maybe I'll tote the electric to the next drum circle after all.

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